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Boys Clothes Rss

Yep, I am another one who has had the same problem. I am not sure where you live but a lot of the factory outlet store for some reason seem to have good boys clothes I have found. If you live in Melbourne I would be happy to give you the details. Eg: I just got a blue paddington bear all on one siut for my son $5. Plenty more stories like that to tell

Good Luck
check out Big W and Best and Less as I've gotten heaps of boys clothes from there. Target was good over summer but Winter its not so crash hot.
I went to Big W a few weeks ago and could have spent a small fortune on Boys clothes.
I was talking about the lack of Boys stuff avialable to the lady at Myer a little while ago and she said that in Geelong boys stuff just flys out the door as we've had a huge amount of baby boys born compared to girls.

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Hey Kristy,

Thnaks for the tip. I am slowly getting together a lovely little boys wardrobe. I think it just pays to shop around and I pick up bargains when I see them.

I am now 29 weeks pregnant with my little boy and getting excited that he will be here soon!

Michelle (maddychelle) smile

Everytime I go shopping,I stare at all the gorgeous girls clothes,racks and racks of it........... then walk over to the one shelf of boys clothes!!!!Its so annoying!Mind you,I still manage to spend alot of money on boys clothes!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

this annoys the shizen out of me - the stores I frequent are guilty of not stocking enough boyswear and the go OTT for the girls! argh!
Casey, how are you finding posts from 2004???

Although the issue does annoy me too. There's not much nice boys stuff these days without stupid slogans or skulls all over it!!!

I buy clothes for my boys as soon as they hit the rack if I like them or I agree, by the time the weather gets cool or warm and its time to buy new season clothes there is nothing nice left!

The other prob i have with boys clothes is the winter pants. I bought some pants for Ryan, went to try them on him and they just fell down around his ankles, this is only since he has gone up to the 3-7 range of clothes cause I don't have the same prob with Jay. They had huge waists on them even though they fit in length. I've had to go refund them and get his winter pants this yr from PP cause they have the adjustable waist and not so baggy.

cr@p Casey you got me AGAIN! I'm going to go have some breakfast LOL

lol, i think you'll find the mums of boys will have the same problem, but mumsof girls (like me) have the opposite!! i went the other day in Big W and they ahd zillions of baby boy clothes and no girl clothes in dd's size (well, hardly any in fact) then speaking to DH"s aunty, she had been at a different big w store and they had all the girl clotes and she wanted boys!!
I just put DS in cute little dresses! lol

Actually, I have noticed that PP have a lot of cute boys clothes. But obviously not as many as girls.

Boys just aren't as much fun!lol

Totally agree, it drives me mad.

But it isn't just the every day clothes for boys which are understocked.
Try finding shoes, slippers, hats, pj's, dressing gowns etc. for boys.

I am a shopaholic and will look for nice clothes for him in any store. I have found nice things for the upcoming winter in Pumpkin Patch, Target and Best & Less.

My son is now in the 3-7 years range and NO I don't want to buy him things in black with skulls or army camouflage print!

i only have a dd but i wish shops had less girls clothes cos i just go crazy and buy way to much stuff but they are just so beautiful, i have just spent $350 on dd(18months) for just winter and i know thats stupid but i couldnt say no to any as they are tooooo gorgous.

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