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Things I hate about shopping Lock Rss

Just thought I'd start a general gripe.

1. I hate it when the local supermarket rearranges the layout so you have to start looking instead of shopping on autopilot.

2. I hate the way the shops stop putting out cases of cans until all the bottles of the previous promotion are gone.

3. I hate it when the child in the trolley proves that his/her arms are longer than I thought they were.

4. Don't you feel like a twit when shopping without child and find yourself gently rocking the trolley.

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love this post... and yes I am always rocking thr trolley, i even stand still wtching tv and rock! lol
things i hate about shopping...
* when ur child learns a new sound and wants to make sure EVERYONE can hear it ( even the people outside the supermarket) and then u get looks like " control ur child"!
* When u load both kids into the trolley and strt to push and realise it has a wonky wheel ( i now check before loading them in)

* when the person in front of u wants a frinedlt chat with the cashier while u ahve 2 screaming children wanting to eat and go home

* when someone looks at ur child and fofers friendly advice..

* when u go to get cold emat form the deli and if u dont get devon and hand some over u get smacked and have a tantrum on ur hands! lol

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when shops squash in as many shelves as they can so you can't get your pram in to look at stuff!

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I was sick and so was my baby but I had a lot of shopping to get done as we had run out of food at home... so after dragging my baby to the doctors, I went to a fruit shop inside a shopping centre and bought the basic essentials. When I went to line up, a middle aged lady barged in in front of me. I was so annoyed at her. She unloaded her basket and left it on the floor at her feet and was about to walk off after she paid. I quickly got her attention and asked her politely to move her basket because I could not push my pram any further with the basket in the way. She picked it up and put it aside and had the nerve to say "You Chinese are so rude. You order me around" What the $#@#$% I was so upset! I'm not even Chinese and she was obviously in the wrong and she had the nerve to say such a thing. I told her it wasn't an order if I said 'please' and that she should have done it in the first place. I was certainly not gonna clean up after her! I was a pregnant lady pushing a pram and she expected me to squeeze my way past my pram and pack the basket up for her! Some people are so daft! If I wasn't feeling dizzy and my throat wasn't so sore, I would have given her a tongue lashing.

Anyway wanted to get that off my chest.

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