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where do your kids sit in the car? Lock Rss

hi just wondering where your kids sit in the car. jorjah will be 2 when i have this baby so they will both be in car seats. i have a 4wd and was wondering how other parents seat their kids? jorjah currently sits in the back in the middle seat (in her car seat) but just wondering when i have the baby is it silly to put them next to each other (one on the back left one in the middle) or do i have to seat them apart? i am nervous as i now they say the left or middle is the safest but i think jorjah would always be touching the baby etc.. what do u guys reccomend?

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

I have my 2 year old behind the drivers seat, and my 1 yo behind the passenger seat. Xander is great! If we're somewhere too dangerous for him to get out his side, eg parked on the road or in a busy carpark, he climbs over and gets out Marshall's side.

I have been awake at nights lately though, wondering where they are all going to go when #3 arrives in March! We have a 7-seater, so space is no problem, just location!!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Hi, I had the same problem deciding where to sit my two. At first I had my 2 year old behind my seat and my newborn on the passenger side. However, it made it hard to get out the 2 year old on busy roads etc.. and then make her stand on the nature strip while I got out her newborn brother. After about a month I changed them over and it has been HEAPS easier!! Now my 5 month old is behind my seat, so I get him out then go around to the passenger side and unbuckle my two year old and she climbs out herself while I hold her brother. HEAPS BETTER, and I also drive a 4WD and she climbs in and out easily.
Thats what I found works for me!!!

Jo, VIC, Charli 2yrs, Blake 5mths

Well, I'm expecting twins in 7 weeks time, and haev a 16 month old daughter. We only have a wagon and I often wonder how all mine are going to fit in!

Anyone else out there with twins and a young singleton?

Mel, Qld

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