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have you heard on the news about the poor little toddler Lock Rss

who was I think 17 months and his mother cut his leg off with an axe!

he has been teething day and night and she went and got he axe and hit him with it a few times before cutting off his leg poor little boy, they won't know until next week if his leg is going to be okay

I wonder if the mother had tried to get help and was ignored?

It makes me sick when I hear about things like this, I would never ever hurt my 2 darlings

I just hope the little boy will be okay

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Yes I heard about this and it made me sick to the pit of my stomache. I just couldnt imagine ever going off the edge that much, I feel bad if I even get cranky.

I also feel for the rest of the family (is there is a father on the scene?) as they must feel a bit of guilt for not seeing the signs etc. They probably couldnt have done anything, I couldnt possibly say, but the guilt would surely be there.

My heart goes out to the little boy and I hope that he gets through this, both the physical and the emotional trauma.

Kara, NSW

It is horrible to hear that a mother (or parent) could do such a thing to their young babies. it amazes me at how these parents can think about having babies in the first place.
My little boy (who was 2 and a half) passed away last year after a long battle with breathing difficulties. having a child with such medical problems makes you realise just how precious these little angels are. there are many parents out there who dont deserve their kids yet they are the ones who get to 'keep" them. Then there are parents who are so loving to their kids and then one day their kids are gone. it doesnt seem fair.

i would give absolutely anything to have my son back to see him smile and laugh again, and then to hear about a mother cutting off her sons leg because he was teething it disgusting. PND is blamed for alot of things these days but even so how could you do that to a helpless defenceless child???
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