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Does anyone else study? Lock Rss

does anyone else study? if so how do u find the tiem? i am doin uni via correspondence and thye only yim i get to do it is during nap time, but i like to relax then as I have a very active toddler! By the time the kids have gone to bed I'm buggered and couldnt concentrate if i wanted to...
ay tips??

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I just finished (yah) a photography course via correspondence - not as intensive as uni I am sure, but it is sooooo hard to find time! I started it 3 years ago and couldnt find time when I was working without children!!! Dont know why I thought it would be easier with a baby!! It was a real struggle to get it done - same as you during sleeps - and also dragging my boy out when I had to do practical assignments - and trying to concentrate when he wasnt keen!!! It has taken me all year to do 6 assignments - but I have done them!!! And all with 20 days to spare before the last one was due! Now I can relax during his naps.... I am off to watch House from last night smile

Suz, NSW

I started studying nursing by correspondance last year, but had to stop as it was too much and i wasn't doing anything-studying or family-as well as i'd have liked. Will pick it up again when the kids are a bit older and i can have them in daycare/kinder for a few hours.
If you get family assistance i'm pretty sure you get free childcare to a certain point, might be worth checking out.

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Hi Ashtonsmum,

I've been studying for a degree in Health Science for a few years now. My first son (2yrs) was born two weeks before final exams and my second son (3months) was born a week before exams - I still had assignments to hand in!!! I actually called the office while I was in labour at home and asked if I could have an extension - luckily they were really cool!! (I didn't even need it, I still got my assignments in on time smile ).

As for tips, I just study when I get a free second. It's mostly at night when I am really buggered (I hate doing it then, but no real choice) I used to do a bit at work when it was quiet, but I'm off work for a while with the new bub. If I need to do research, I get on the computer (like now) and do a bit of net surfing while the kids are going off to sleep. Otherwise my MIL has days off and she loves to take the kids for a while.

My only real advice is to not give up - you'll get it done. I've managed to get married, go overseas on a honeymoon and have two kids while studying non-stop. I knew if I stopped it would be too easy to not start again. Keep going while you have the momentum - but then again, don't burn yourself out either! It will all be worth it in the end!

Happy studying!
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