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has anyone considered getting an au pair? Lock Rss

I am going to uni next year so that i can start nursing because i want a career to give brodie a good start to life when he reaches school aged. I want to be able to afford a good school for him etc.

Looking into childcare i realised how expensive it really is! Even with the childcare benefits its still $21.10 a day for me to send brodie and thats a lot when you think of it in weekly terms and being on a single income.

I started researching and found information about au pairs in australia that do 15 hours a week of house work/childminding, 2-3 evenings a week of babysitting etc. You provide them with a private room and three meals a day and pay them $50 a week.

I was wondering if anyone has ever had an au pair? Or if someone knows more about it?

Clare-WA, Brodie 17.12.04, Lauren 13.12.06, Holly

Hubby suggested it, but i think it's more because of the 'additional' services au pairs always provide in movies!! wink
I said no as soon as he suggested a Swedish one!!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

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