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Sippy Cups for babies- Which are the best? Lock Rss

I hate buying Sippy Cups for Babies! They are so expensive and I have yet to find a really good one- even after 3 kids!
I like a non spill one (that really doesn't spill or leak) but it needs to be easy enough for a baby to learn how to use. I went and brought a Heinz first trainer cup with handles today and I hope I've made the right choice coz it cost $11.50 on sale!

So what have you found to be a good sippy cup???

Any that are none spill lol.. I also just brought the same one as you for my dd today..


DD had the mag mag cup (she liked the straw attatchment best) and I thought it was really good. DS had Heinz ones and I found they leaked sometimes. The worst brand I have ever had was Tommee Tippee - they claimed to be non spill but leaked everywhere.

My babies are all grown up sad

i just brought one about a month ago and it was a tommee tippee one with the handles...doesnt spill and she drinks like a trooper from it.

DD - 27/08/07 DS - 5/01/10

The only one that DS would use is the Tommee Tippee Nuby ones. We tried so many before we found this one and wasted so much money for nothing.

I give up with sippy cups! I swear I have every friggen one ever made and i still havn't found the perfect one! They either leak when they say they wont or they're too darn hard for my bubba to drink from. Ocaasionaly I find one that I think is great but give it a week and it's useless! I have 2 draws full of them!

I shudder tho think how much I've spent on sippy cups ... I think we've got one of everything! The one that I've found best for DS is a Tommee Tippee cup with handles and a flip-up spout. No idea what it's actually called.

I think it really depends on the child, but I found DS was no good with any cups with a valve which pretty much eliminates all non-spill cups, except these. He uses it really well now, and can manipulate the spout himself to seal and unseal the cup. The only downside is that it doesn't hold a large volume - but he only has water in it so it's easy to refill wherever I am. Plus side is that I know he's drinking fresh water.
i got given a tommee tippee nuby one from our nextdoor neighbour cos her grandson didnt need one and out of all the sippy cups i have she likes that the most and it doesnt spill

i use the baby einstein one! its great no spills and zac loves it!!

i used the expensive sippy no spill cups, but then found the ones from reject shop and go lo, 2 for $3, i love them not one i have bought has leaked, but i have not seen them with handles though.

I was liking the Tommee Tippee Nubby ones but in the last three weeks I have had two that have ended up with split teats, I dont use the dishwasher for the teats and they have just split meaning they are no longer non spill, they are good but it gets pricey when you are buying one a week @$7 a pop

I emailed tommee tippee and got no response GRRR
The only ones DD's actually used are the Mag Mag, the red and orange Nuby one's with the handles and my most recent buy the take & toss at $6.95 for 20 grrrrrrrrrrrr. I also tried the Heinz, Tomee Tipee, Avent etc.. with no luck.
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