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Hello Everyone

I was reading about someone having a party and received all these free things

I really want to order the mixed pantry pack of containers and just sent a message to some friends to see if they are interested in coming to a party

not sure if I did the right thing though coming up to christmas oh well i will find out soon enough



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Hi Melly

I had a tupperware party a couple of weeks ago. I got my hubby to take the outside order form to work with him to get some extra sales, and with that and the people that came, sold almost $900 of tupperware. If you get over $595 in sales and 2 party bookings you get the alfresco set ($170 worth), plus the host gift of the month (I got 2 medium alfresco bowls with servers), and if you get over that you get money to spend on more tupperware. Not bad I reckon, a good way to get tupperware fairly cheap - just buy the ingredients for the recipe (not sure if all demonstrators do it the same) - I had a Sangria cocktail party as my recipe and it was a huge success.
The demonstrator told me for a successful party, you need to get about 10 people there, and to invite double what you want to come cos about half turn down the offer.
And re: Christmas, they have some special releases for Christmas at the minute - plus could make good pressies!

All the best,


I find the best time of year to have a party is Record Breaker week which is the last weekend in november and they have awesome specials so your guests get really excxited smile

Im having aparty in a couple of weeks - drop me an emiail if you want my tware lady's details she is tops


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I went to a friends party a week ago, and my brother in law, who's going through a divorce wanted some tupperware as of course it all got taken when the mrs moved out, he is ordering around $400 worth, I think I need a party of my own, just because i've got a great start on the freebies!!
Coming up to Christmas is a cool time too coz they have some cool stuff and great colours!!

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I just thought this was amusing.
My husband thinks that Tupperware breeds in the dark because he recons everytime he opens the cupboard door theres more tupperware in there:)

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