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Has anyone got children involved in KUMON over the holidays or at any time?? Do you find it successful?


I did Kumon from year 7 -12 and still scored about 19% on my HSC maths exams what can i say I HATE MATHS

however from about year 8/9 I worked in my kumon centre as a marker and saw many success stories esp when the kids started really young.

I esp think its something you have to do long term and from as young as possible. My maths basics are still very strong from all that training its just when you start introducing the alphabet to the numbers my brain checks out!!!

there are lots of othermaths programs out there so do your research and see which one suits yourfamily best as from past experience Kumon is most successful when the parents are actively involved and sitting down with them and their homework and correcting it on the spot with them.


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