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A mum took her kids to the movies and her eldest son 10yrs needed to go to the toilet. and he wanted to go to the mens. he usually went into the ladys with his mum . so she thought shed have to let him sooner or later so she told him to go in and come straight out, she waited right outside the door for him.
looking at her watch and several men hales had gone in and come out again and she began to worry. she asked a guy at the counter could he go in as she didnt want to go in there herself. so the guy who worked at the cinema went into the mens, he checked the cubicles and found the boy sitting on the floor in tears scared to death. he said to the little boy are you ok? and told him his mum is waiting for him outside. the boy got up and ran out to his mum. balling his eyes out.

later after he had calmed down a little she found out he had been molested by a chinese man.
i cant imagine the guilt she feels. the first time she lets her son go on his own and the worst thing that could happen,............did... sad and there were so many ppl coming and going and nobody even noticed.
a few weeks later the boy got a hug from his cousin and he totally freaked out. now the poor kid has to go to therapy every week.
please be careful everyone.

this was a friend of a friend. too close to home for me

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Hi Chelby, I feel so sorry for your friend. You just cant begin to imagine what she is putting herself through. I hope she is going to counselling as well, my heart goes out to your friends.
Here is another story that happened to people we know but they were lucky. They were at a major shopping centre in what you would call an average to above average neighbour hood. She lost sight of her son and luckly went running in the right direction to find her child holding hands with a young women who was taking him out to the car park, which was only metres away. The pair had walked a fair way without any one noticing something was wrong. Once the women was approached and her son cried "mummy" the women rang off and was not caught. They have it all on security camera but they have never caught this female. It turns out the women told the boy she wanted to show him something so the boy went with her without any struggle. The family are still in therapy.
I dont think anyone will ever forget what happened to the little boy in England when he was coaxed away by two 10 year olds. What about the little girl who was at school in class and asked to go to the toilet. What they didnt know was a creep was in the toilet (on parole from an earlier attack) just waiting and this poor girl was sexually assaulted. That really opened my eyes up.
We all know the importance of protecting our children against strangers but we have to be just as diligent with friends or family as they can also be a danger. I know of too many people who have had there lives ruined by friends or family molestering them. This is why they stopped the campain of Stranger Danger and started the Good Touch Bad Touch. We found an excellent CD Rom by Bravehearts Inc, a child protection group dedicated to protecting children against sexual assault. Bravehearts was started by Hetty Johnston who's own personal life was touch when her own child told her they had been molested by a family member. The CD has been developed to help adults show child how to learn to keep safe. It is very light and non confronting. The CD Rom covers - Instints, Feeling Unsecured or Scared, Yucky feelings, Private Parts, Saying "No", Good & Bad Secrets, Who do you talk to and Building your own Bravehearts Helper Plan. They have a website which is
I know this is probably more for the older children but we found it interesting in how you can bring up the topic with out terrifying your child. We know there are no guarantee's but hope if we can have an open dialogue/discussion with our son then if it was to ever happen to him, he may be more confident to get away. We can only hope.
I am in no way saying what has happened to chelby's friend or any one else was any ones fault or they should have done something different. It is a terrible terrible thing to have happened to anyone. The only person to blame here are the sicko's who take advantage of innocent children.
Thank you chelby for sharing this with us.
My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced this. It is unfortunate that things are this way in the world. I suggest to everyone to make use of Mum's Room toilets. I know little ones like to do things on their own and at least you can be there too. Another way to teach kids from birth about right and wrong touching is through massage. Before beginning a massage you ask the baby permission as to whether or not they want this touching. I know it sounds over the top but believe me you soon get to know your child's cues and it teaches them that they do have a say.

As a victim of molestation myself I don't think you can ever be too careful. And the point that I want to make most clear is no matter WHO it is, if they make your little one feel uncomfortable please listen. It is so often those we trust who offend.
I'd just like to add that I am in no way condemming the mums actions for letting her little man go on his own. I can only imagine the gut wrenching emotions she must live with every day. Hindsight is twenty twenty vision and we all need to learn from each others experience be they tremedous or horrendous. These things are no ones ault except for the sickos that do it.
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my 4 yr ols likes to go to the mens at play group as he likes the trough its only us mums in the centre but i go in the mens and watch him

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I just found out that a good friend of mine who has a 3 year old girl is basically on the run since she found out that her daughters father has been abusing her. There is no justice in this world because until her 3 year old can confess the situation to a police officer or doctor, the courts can't stop visitation rights. This situation has hit so close to home for me and I am devestated. Yet knowing how I feel, I can't imagine how scared and angry my friend must be feeling. To anyone out there who is suffering the same, my heart goes out to you and I hope that the babies and children of this world can grow up safe and sound.

i did a childcare course and in the course i had to research a topic and i chose child abuse for a few thousand word essay. strangers are someone you still have to be weary of but family and friends have the access to a child that strangers dont. cant trust anyone now days.

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I too was a child victim of sexual abuse. Speaking of protecting our children, our almost 2yo is very outgoing and says hello to anyone she meets. When we've been around, she even goes up to people we hardly know who happen to be in the same room and gives the cuddles. How do you teach a child so young that it's good to be friendly, and at the same time teach them that you can't trust everyone???? Or does this just come with age when until she knows not to say hello or cuddle everyone she meets? It's always in the back of my mind. Any other suggestions or good resources on teaching tiny ones about stranger danger/good touch bad touch?

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This is just so chilling. I have a son who is nine and thankfully he has never yet requested to go to the toilet on his own. I always use the disabled toilets if there is no parents room available. I have three smaller children as well as my nine year old and we all go together! If he does, in time, request to go privately, I will send him in to the disabled toilet on his own and stand at the door. I know that the disabled toilets are for the use of those that need them, but if no-one is using it, I will continue to do so. My children's safety comes first. If it is a public toilet block with no disabled toilet, he can keep coming with me for a while yet.

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Hi Chelby I almost cried and felt so sick when I read the post. I hope they caught that man. Did this incident happen in melbourne, if so what shopping centre? I dont care if that isnt ethical to ask but every parent has the right to know if there is a sex offender lurking around their local shopping centre. If it happened to my son I would personally hunt him down myself.

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it happened in sydney . in town. in the city.

i shouldve put that in my original post. sorry.

it actually didnt occur to me to put it in. sorry about that JZ.

i guess it just pays to be too protective sometimes.

the world as we know it can really suck sometimes sad

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