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I was just wondering about any of the old wives tales you have been told. I've been told "-
*to put sticky tape on my babies ears so they don't stick out.
* that if you take the baby out in the wind they get air going into their fontanelle, and they get a headache.
*if you lift your arms up when pregnant you can strangle the baby with the cord.
*not to allow baby to put weight on their legs otherwise its legs will be crooked.

When I had my 1st child I nearly went nuts with all this 'information" until I asked the nurse and she assured me it was all 'old wives tales'..

hope to hear about your 'tales'



I don't know if this one is an old wives tale..... but i remember when i was younger and had cousins who were babies, i wasn't allowed to let them look at me upside down.... does that make sense? Or should i say the baby shouldn't look up. i remember thinking it was ridiculous, i let my baby look at me like that all the time and she (and her older sister) are fine.
It's funny what gets passed from generation to generation!

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Hi Chey, I got told not to sleep if possible with my arms above my head, and to restrict a lot of activities that required you raising your arms often. Something to do with if the umbilical cord is around bubs neck (which mine was!!) you pull and stretch it, causing it to tighten around bubs neck. Don't know how true it was, but I didn't do too much, just in case!!!

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