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baby car seat position. Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone can tell me where is the place to put the baby car seat??

I only have 7 weeks to go and my boyfriend has said he is going to fit the car seat soon - but we cant agree on where to put it.

He wants to put it in the back, behind the passenger seat as he thinks if i am driving byself and baby needs something, this will be the easiest place for me to reach baby, while im stopped at lights or something of course.

I thought it would be best in the back middle seat though, as if we are both in the car, i will still be able to turn around and reach baby. And im concerned about it going on the back passenger side seat as i have heard this is the most unsafe seat in the car.

Any suggestions would be wonderful. Love to hear all your thoughts and experiences..

My husband put our baby seat behind the passenger seat, for that reason, you can always keep an eye on your baby, even though they are rear facing.

hey angela....when I had my bub I put it in the doesn't matter how much it hurts your back or it doesn't matter that you only have to turn your head to see her when she's behind the passenger seat, use your rear view mirror to see the middle seat of the car.....just think about this....if a truck was to slam into the side of you....who is going to cop most of the impact....I'm sorry to have to say, but it's going to be your baby....if they are in the middle at least it's a bit safer than being on the side at the fulfront of impact.

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months


When Harry was first born his seat was rear facing in the middle of the backseat. He continued too stay this way until old enough too reverse the seat to be forward facing & he is now positioned behind the passenger seat. Whilst it does play of some concern of the consequences should an accident occur, I also thought well if I were too be hit from the rear whilst his carseat was in the middle of the backseat - what if for some reason his restraint wasn't on properly, he would go right thru to the front of the car. I guess no matter which way you look at it there are risks in everything. Good luck with bub =)

Bec, Qld, Harrison 22/12/04

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