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Anyone had a tattoo removed (or know someone who has)? If so what option was used and how effective were the results? Any help appreciated smile
i have seen the after effects of it done about 10 years ago and it wasnt pretty, im sure the technology is better now though

Is covering it an option?
not really.... I really want it gone its on my boob and limits the tops and things I wear as I am really embarrassed by it. There are a few creams and things you can buy now I am just scared that the end result will be worse than what I already have. :S
My friend had laser removal of a tattoo. It isn't cheap, she found it painful and it has to be done in stages but it works. She ended up not having it all removed, when it got to a stage that the tattoo artist could tattoo over it thats what she did and you wouldn't know that other tat was ever there.

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Hi there I had a tattoo removed from my left breast for the same reasons as you, I shouldnt have got it in the first place but anyway. I am in melbourne and had laser removal, as another person said expensive and time consuming and once you start you have to continue cos then you have half a tattoo but it is very effective and mine has completely gone but there is some slight white marks where the skin has scarred but I scar easily tho. It cost around $150 a session and took about ten times, going every 6 or 8 weeks. It does hurt more than the tattoo tho, it feels like you are constantly flicked with a rubber band in the same spot, not quite enough to pull away tho if that makes sense. Hope it works for you if you go ahead xx

Hey there.
There is actually a new tattoo removal process coming i read it in the thats life or take 5 magazine it will be alot cheaper than laser. Ill see if i can find it soon ill let u know
cj'''smama - was yours coloured or black and white? Are you happy with the result?
Sorry dont worry bout it i read it wrong. It said they are bringing out a new ink so if people do have regrets they can be removed easy in one session at a low cost.

Thanks anyway smile Thanks for all the replies too!!
you've got me really curious what is it??
what is what?? The tattoo or the removal?
sorry i mean the tattoo
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