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1st Birthday Party Ideas Lock Rss

Hi there!

My little fellow is about to turn one and we are having that special little first birthday party. Does anyone have any great ideas to make it extra special - especially regarding the little thank you gift at the end of the day. I've been to a few parties this year where everyone has given a lolly bag. I think they're such a waste of time and money. Has anyone got any different ideas. Would love to hear them - I've got a few weeks to get organised!!!

HF, NT, 10mth baby

Hi There

My little boy is turning 1 in 2wks and I am having the same battle - as they don't really eat lollies at this age. I am making a clown face cake (god help me!) but that is as far as I have gotten so far. If anyone gives u any great ideas please let me know on this site or email [email protected]

What date was your little one born? Mine was 7April.

Talk soon


Hello thomas, We didnt have a 1st birthday party as my son was so sick he actually ended up at the Drs on his birthday! However with the gifts at the end what about helium balloons? You could give his friends at least one each. Just leave them locked in another room with each one having a normal balloon not blown up filled with sand attached so they can NOT fly away if the child gets too excited. Children love balloons as you know. If you are feeling very game you could get the skinny balloons and try to make little animals - the dog is pretty easy! But just another idea as a keep sake, get some calico or a large pot with paint and get your sons little friends feet or hand prints. It would be a lovely thing to hold on to just remember to write who's belong to who. You never know who he is still friends with on his 21st and this would be a great thing to pull out . I hope you have a great time!!
Hi Thomas,

I had a Winnie the Pooh theme for my sons 1st b'day. I made a Winnie cake and bought the hats and all the access. I did have party bags, but as babies don't eat lollies I put a toy ( suitable for the relevant age group) in them. We played Pin the Tail (with parents help) and sang songs. Kristopher had a ball.
Hoped this has helped a little.
I read this in a magazine and thought it was a great idea. A mother wrote about how her daughter attended a first birthday party and was given a party bag to take home. Just as mum was about to pig out on lollies, she discovered that the bag really was for her daughter. It contained two tins of baby food, rusks, some instant porridge and a balloon. That's a start for you.

Hope this helps and I hope the party goes well. Happy birthday to little Thomas!



Hello can I just add if you give food instead of lollies to bear in mind any food allergies the children may have. eg. My son can not have any wheat or diary. He cant have most of the pre made baby food and no rusks. A lot of porridge may have peanuts in it so it would be out for anyone with a nut allergy. Some people are lactose intolerant while I know a little girl and lactose to her could be fatal. There are so many food allergies as you know.
It is a great idea but it would be a shame to give food they CANT have as it would defeat what you are trying to do.
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