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Hi Girls,

I'm only 15 mins out of town, but it still feels really isolated when you can't see anyone else's house (except the mother in laws - grrrr!), or actually see any life going on around you, other than animals. I do think it's beautiful, just hard for me. I get out quite a bit. I don't know if I will ever adjust, but I know I can't be running to town, or out, everyday.

I've decided I will take up the challenge to start riding. My sister in law is a good teacher (as is my husband), and she has a good horse I can ride. She's been trying to con me for years. I'm determined to do it this time!

What do you have on your property Tineka? I'm thinking sheep, but wouldn't be sure. Do you live on the same property as you in laws? If you do, how do you like it?

Hope to hear from you!

Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3

Hi Calli,

I'm only 15 minutes out of town too, but I can see some of my neighbours way across the paddock *lol*. I go into town quite a lot. It keeps me sane. I think I would go mad if I stayed home too much! Mind you, some days its great to stay home. Meghan gets a bit ratty if she has too many days out in a row.

Thats great you are going to take up the riding challange? I'm sure you will have a lot of fun. Remember to start slowly as you'll be sore if you ride for too long initially.

Do you have msn messenger? Maybe we could have a chat sometime smile

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

Hi Bron,

I don't have MSN, but I'm looking at setting it up, do I just go to MSN website?

My darling Jess gets a bit obnoxious too, if I'm out too much. We've been out today, and she's vomited twice, bad day for us. Took her to the doctor, and he thinks it might be a virus, but god it makes you worry. The only thing she's kept down is breast milk. Little Angel.

Did you work before you had Meghan?

Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3

hi Calli,

Congratulation on making the decision to learn to ride, now I will have to get my A into G and start again.

There is about 9 1/2 thousand Merino sheep on the property and 350 cattle. and about 20 non ridable horses.

We live about 10 min walk away from my inlaws but I am lucky as I get on with them and they love to babysit.

I try to go to town only once a week but sometimes I will make a reason to into town more often if I need a people fix. We have just started a mothers group up the valley there is about 5 of us babies ranging from 3 weeks (you forget how small they were) up to a year. It's great.

How old is your little one?

If you like to email me my address is

Tineka, Mum to Hamish 3yrs, Abby 1yr & 1due 10/04

Hi Calli,

I think I went to to get messenger. Look for where it tells you to download messenger 6.1.

Poor Meghan has got a cold and isn't very happy. Her nose keeps running and she hates me wiping it. She starts crying and it makes it run more sad

Hope Jess is OK.

Computer about to kick me off yet again. Will finish off this reply when I log back on.

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

Back again. We have a program on our computer to download photos off our video camera and its not really compatible with XP. We have updated, but can't uninstall the old program. Gets very annoying being booted off.

I did work before I had Meghan. I work in a pathology lab in the Haematology department. I am going back to work in August - don't really want to.

If you want to email me, my address is


Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05


for some reason the email i'm sending to you isn't getting through. it's the same email as last time. are you having any problems?


Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3

Hi Calli,

Email is the same. I don't think I have been having any problems. Its still or you could try if you are still having problems.


Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

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