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My Ds is turning 1 in a few weeks, we are having an 'Under the sea' party for him. I was trying to think of creatvie food ideas related to this theme, all I can come up with is fish fingers!! Any ideas/suggestions would be great. Thanks!
You could do shaped biscuits or even sandwiches.

Star fish shaped and fish shaped.

What if you cut up fruit straps/rollups to look like seaweed?

I'll keep thinking and see if I can think of anything else.

Our son was turning 1 and with a love of the ocean, our family decided to celebrate Under the Sea! We planned on a large amount of family and friends with kids ranging from 1 to 10 so we knew we needed a variety of food and activities for everyone to enjoy. INVITATIONS: I found a great deal for printed invitations that had a layer of printed vellum over a fish themed backdrop. All we had to do was add the ribbon. The invitations stated: Under the Sea, Under the Sea, Come Turn One with Me! We then added "Sail Date" for the party date, "Port" for the address and "S.O.S." for the RSVP line. We planned to have the party at 3 PM to allow the party to head into the evening if we wanted but also to allow for the younger kids to nap before coming over. DECORATIONS: We purchased water colored gossamer and streamers which we covered all the walls around the house. We strung up puffy fish decorations, fish light strings and nets and placed inflatable fish, blue balloons and beach balls around the house, the bathroom and the backyard. Everywhere you went you felt you were under water and swimming with the fishes. Even the front of the home had fish shaped windsocks. My husband purchased a sheet of plywood in which i drew a large cartoon shark with his mouth open. He then cut the shark and ocean backdrop out of the wood and I painted it to be very colorful. It stood over 6 feet tall and was a great decoration in the backyard. The kids loved to get their picture taken with their heads in the shark mouth and we took polaroids and let everyone take them home as souvineirs. The table was decorated with the water gossamer as a table runner and inexpensive glass bowls filled with sand and sea shells. FOOD: The food really ended up being a hit. Again we took the Ocean theme into consideration and served "Submarine" sandwiches which we purchased in a 4' length and cut to size, seashell pasta salad, tater tot "bouys" and "octopus" hotdogs. If you haven't done octopus hotdogs before, they're easy to do and a huge hit! All you have to do is cut the hotdog in half leaving the top 1/3 of the hotdog intact. Then continue to slice the hotdog to have a total of 8 legs. place in boiling water and the legs will curl up! We also served blue jello cups with whipped cream ocean foam and gummy sharks inside as well as goldfish crackers and gummy worms as snacks. CAKE: the cake was my favorite part of the whole party. I baked cakes in 2 different sized circle cake pans as well as 1/2 of a ball cake pan. When placed all together the ball on top turned into the bright orange octopus and I made his legs drape down the other 2 tiers of cake. it was very 3 dimensional and allowed me to serve the octopus to my son to mangle to his heart's content without destryoing the rest of the cake for the guests! I decorated the base of the cake with brown sugar (to look like sand), chocolate seashells which i made from molds, "pebble colored" jelly belly beans and apple flavored fruit by the foot which i cut to look like seaweed. GAMES: We did a few games for the kids but also wanted to include the adults. For the kids we did a treasure chest pinata filled with candy and toys, they decorated mini treasure chests with fish stickers and seashells and played a version of "pin the tail on the donkey". Instead of a donkey and tail, I painted an underwated fish scene on a sliding glass door where the kids used suction cups that had hooks on them. We stuck gummy worms on the hooks and let the kids "fish". The key is to remove the suction cups and mark the inside of the window where the kids landed otherwise the older kids know how to find the other suction cups to get closer to the fish mouth. The winner received a mini fishing pole! The adults weren't forgotten. We placed goldfish crakers into a vase and asked them to guess how many there were. The adults made their guesses on blue cards decorated with fish stickers and they placed them in a gift bag I decorated with 3D fish decals. The winner received a nice bottle of wine. PARTY FAVORS: Because of the variety of ages I tailored the favors for all kid's age ranges. All the kids received a large sand pail with their name written in silver pen on the shovel. they also all received a puffer fish sipper cup, sand toys, fish stickers, a fish pencil, a deflated fish beach ball, candy "sand" in a bottle and gold coin gum found from a long-buried treasure chest! As a special treat the older boys received bug finding kits, the older girls received kissy fish t-shirts, the younger kids received play- doh shark kits and the babies got fish teething rings. Everyone loved them! I got most of my ideas from searching this site and with a lot of planning in advance i was able to find deals and inexpensive ideas from local retailers and internet sites. The party was a huge hit with kids and adults alike but i think i had more fun than most putting it all together!

For my twin boys first birthday I selected an "under the sea" theme. I bought printable cardstock with a fish border and made the invitations on my computer. The color scheme was blue, green, and purple. Blue and green crepe paper streamers hung from all corners to the center of the room as did balloons. I hung a fish net, purchased from a party store, from the ceiling and attached crepe paper sea creatures to it. I layered two table cloths (green and blue) on the cake table. A fish bowl with real gold fish was placed in the center of the table(I donated them to party guests after the celebration). Dried starfish (purchased from a craft store) and shells (gathered from the beach) were used as table confetti. I also found frog shaped beach balls(at a discount party store) and scattered them all over the floor. The toddlers loved them. To display the party favors(various ocean related trinkets wrapped in tool and tied with a ribbon), I covered a table with a blue table cloth and put blue plastic wrap over it to give the effect of water. I then placed some sand on top to look like an island. I constructed a treasure chest and had foil wrapped gum coins spilling out. I also placed some empty bottles on the table. Inside each bottle was "message" (I photo-copied a coloring book scuba scene and used the computer to add the message) that thanked guests for coming. Each "message" was rolled, tied with ribbon and a crayon, and put in the bottle. Food included fish shaped cookies(made with slice and bake cookie dough), sandwiches cut with a fish cookie cutter(a raisin for the eye), blue punch with dolphin and seahorse shaped ice cubes, chips in sand buckets with shovels, and fish crackers. A friend dressed like a mermaid and did face painting (ocean creatures of course) while guests arrived. She lead the kids in under the sea related games, read Rainbow Fish, and sang different sea songs. I had a CD with whale and ocean sounds playing while guests arrived. I also played music from the little mermaid soundtrack during cake time. The fish crackers were placed in a fish bowl. The boys wore outfits with fish smocking on them. The party was a great success.

Entertainment ideas

Crab races - kids race on all fours like a crab
Balloon relay races where kids have to race up to a chair and sit on
a water balloon to pop it and then race back and tag the next
Slip and slide - Buy at Toys r Us or other toy store
Blowing bubbles - Do this away from food!
Gyotaku - Fish printing - take a dead fish (or a rubber mold), slap some paint on it, and then gently press paper or cloth to it to transfer the image to the material.
Fish Piñata
Pumpkin carving contest with fishy theme
Charades - Children act like a sea creature and others have to guess
which animal it is - write down the names of animals for them to

act out on small pieces of paper. Place them in a fishbowl for

children to draw and then act out. Here are some of animals they

may act out - whale, shark, sea horse, clam, sea snail, jellyfish,

crab, lobster, starfish, seal, tuna fish, octopus, squid, shrimp,

Take a familiar game and add an ocean twist: Bingo becomes Ocean
Bingo; Hot Potato = Hot Dolphin; Duck, Duck, Goose = Fish, Fish,
Create an Oceanic Mural: Hang a large sheet of paper on the wall &
have your party guests add stickers, drawings, stamp designs,
etc., to make an underwater scene!
Pin the critter in his habitat: A variation of pin the tail on the donkey. I have seen this done with Sponge Bob and his pineapple home, you could do Nemo and his anemone. Every kid gets a thing to pin and takes turns being blindfolded. If young, you may want to omit the spinning them around part. Then they have to pin the critter up as close as possible. Prizes could be given for various categories.

Food Ideas:

Birthday cake with ocean theme - decorate with fish, crabs and waves
Aquatic cake in the shape of a sea creature, with decorations
Pepperidge Farm Gold fish - great snack food
Gummy worms
Cookies in the shape of fish or starfish
Jell-O mold in the shape of a jellyfish (jellofish!)
Ocean colored drinks - Hawaiian punch, blue or green lemonade
Fish-shaped ice cubes

Hawaiian punch

Octo-dogs - Hotdogs that look like tiny octopuses. Cut hotdog in half so you have two equal lengths. Slice halfway up four times so you have 8 dangling sections. Place in boiling water and watch them curl up like arms! Serve with ketchup!

Decorating Ideas:

Turn your house or party site into an ocean by hanging blue and green (and other "ocean" colored) streamers from the ceiling. Have "jellyfish" balloons with ribbon tentacles hanging down (just be sure to dispose of your balloons properly after the party!).

"Fishy" themed decorations, centerpieces, and invitations
It has to be said, chocolate fish!!!


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To welcome your guests, hang balloons and streamers on your mailbox and front door. Put sea life posters on the fence, and hang plastic tropical fish from the tree branches. Fill kiddie pools with water, and place them in the yard.

Decorate your under the sea birthday party room with green and blue balloons. Hang green "seaweed" streamers from the ceiling, chairs, or from the top of a windowsill. Cut out starfish, seahorses, and other sea animals from construction paper. Tape cutouts to some of the streamers.

Cover the lights in the room with blue cellophane paper, which will give the party "under water" feeling. Spread out any stuffed sea animals that you might have around the room. Have Mylar fish and dolphin balloons free-floating in the area, and have lots of blue latex balloons on the floor to create "ocean atmosphere." Hang a fish net in the corner of the under the sea birthday party room.

Put a blue or turquoise tablecloth on your under the sea party table, and then spread multi-colored confetti around it. Put plastic fish in a clear bowl for table centerpiece. Hang a personalized theme "Happy Birthday!" banner in the area.
What food to serve

Keep food simple - most of it will probably end up on the floor in any case!

Finger foods will be excellent for both babies and adults, as eating them won't interrupt play or interaction. Parents may well have brought a bottle or feeder cup with them containing the drink of their choice for their baby, but have water, milk and diluted fruit juices at the ready. If you're providing food for grown ups keep it simple and avoid peanuts and other foods which may present a choking hazard to little ones.

Some babies will have quite a few teeth and be able to bite into food; others may still be toothless, so cater for both extremes: organic bread sticks, tiny sandwiches with cheese spread, cut into shapes, cubes of mild cheese, and mini fromage frais cartons. Chocolate fingers are scrummy, but messy - plain biscuits may suffice. Jelly tends to be more of a play material at this age and is very messy. Your mini guests will probably eat very little food, so aim for a variety of taste, texture and colour rather than quantity.

Aim for a wonderful cake - a home made one is special, but supermarkets have a great variety available, or try a bakery. You may need to order this in advance. Don't let your baby near the candle as she will want to grab, not blow, it.
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Thanks, there are some great ideas there!!!
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Hi, you should try stamping cookies using edible inks. I've tried it before on my son's 6th birthday party. I've got this idea from a blog online. You might wanna check it out here, they do online design and also free deliveries in australia.
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