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I'm nervous!!! Rss

Tomorrow is the first open for inspection EEKKKK
I'm cr@pping my pants lol I don't know why I'm so nervous but iam lol

id be nervous to having people walking through your house, but also wondering what they are thinking about it
I would be heading out for a coffee! out of sight = out of mind lol. But then i know i would be nervous some-one would pinch something or look through my draws, LOL. So good luck I hope it goes smoothley!

Im staying lol I have lots of work to do and plus its my home i wanna keep an eye on things!

I dont really care what they think about the house as im not the one selling it and we are moving anyways lol!

i couldnt stand it, i used to leave and thien come back wen it was all over.
some people are so rude, and u really domt want to be hearing negative things about ur home.
hope all goes well
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