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how do YOU pronounce.... Lock Rss

mel BIN......

Melbin unless i'm talking about a melbournian
mel bun or mel bum whatever suits lol

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Posted by: lukes*mum
yep is melbin !!!

I think only the yanks call it Melborne !! lol lol lol

LMAO...thats how DH say's it.

I say Melbin too
I was reading through and thought I was alone with my pronounciation on it, thanks *Loving It* cause that too is how I have always said it "Mel-Ben"

Yep i say Mel Bin as well

Mel - bun

We have the same kinda debate with Gisborne (in NZ)

I say Mel Bin just like Gis Bin!!

Mel Burn
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