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do you like your first name? Lock Rss

I'm so so on mine. I don't love it but I don't hate it.
Never thought about it really.... So I must like it then I guess!
im quite happy with my parents I must like it!!!
It goes alright i think?


I actually never did like my own but I'm finally after so many years with it, am finding it okay now! LOL!

Yeah i dont mind my name it could have been worst

It's different, noice, unusual!!!

Yeah I don't mind it, never came across any other "Rowena's" in school. Only thing is some people I used to have to explain how to say it Row-e-na and I nearly always have to spell it for people.

i went to school with a rowena my name doesnt bother me
yep, i like my name its not very common!!
Mine is to popular and people always spell it wrong. Its kellie but people always spell it kelly....
i like mine and i like how it is spelt, anoying everyone gets it wrong but it sh*ts me when my family spell it wrong. even poor DH gets it wrong sometimes lol
you ask this to a person who is named after a talking Mule ????lol lol lol lol

ummmm ...if I had to use a work I would use nup!!!! if I could use to words I would use Hell no !! lol lol lol

it is constantly being spelt wrong ...and I am CONSTANTLY being told Frances is a boys name ..I would say " yes it is a boys name but I am clearly a girl !! !" lol lol lol lol
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