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do you like your first name? Lock Rss

I used to absolutely hate my name. Everyone used to call me "alice" instead of "alyce (pronounced like Elise but with an A). I used to tell mum once I was 18 I was changing it. Now I've grown to it because it's not very common.

I love mine, but now I have moved here I get stooopid people asking if I was named after the State... pfft

I don't mind mine...I wouldn't call my own child belinda, but i wouldn't change my name either.

Hate my name.

Sick of repeating myself when people ask my name, sick of spelling it, sick of never being able to get personalized things (like cups and pens lol)
I don't mind 'Jo', don't like 'Joanne' though (my full name)

I've always disliked my name! I am really sick of having to spell it out and tell people how to pronounce it!!!! grrrrr why would you want to be different lol.

Yer im a bit so so on mine
I don't mind Suz or Suzee but I hate Susan
Well i hate my name!
Its Patricia but spelt like this Patrizia, so it always get pronounced wrong and spelt wrong and thats why i get everyone to call mr Trish.

Hate my first name, and my middle name.
No-one ever remembers it, and always spell it wrong.

It could have been worse. I had an Aunt whose given name was Lesbia.....(we used to call her Aunt Lesley)
I like my name, I just hate the way it is spelt no one ever says it the right way and when I spell it for them they look at me stupid

My parents have spelt renee, rena I hate it I was going to get the spelling changed, but I am over it now
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I dont mind my name its different and i have never met another 'Rachelle' before but the thing i hate most is people calling me rachel. Looks nothing like Rachel LOL

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