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do you like your first name? Lock Rss

Meh, Its mine, everyone can say it, most people spell it wrong but at least they get it close lol lol lol
I'm Kym
As a teenager I hate my name (Sarah) I thought it was soooo old fashioned and boring. I was going to be Tia and I thought this was a million times better. However now I know I really suit my name and everyone gets it right so (except the spelling) I guess its fine.
always liked my name (calum) basically am the only one where ever i am but there are a lot more Callums around now
i have had 627 (yes i have counted them) different combination of my name first and last spelt from the basic mistakes to just getting it totally wrong

Nope not a fan, too boring.

I want an exciting name that people go "oh thats a cool name!"

Maybe i should start telling strangers my name is something else...

Anyone got ant ideas?
I have never liked my name.
I love my name, but hate it when people take it upon themselves to call me Nicole, because they assume Nikki is short for Nicole. Nice name, but its not my name!
i always have to spell it for people, i usually get Nicki, or Nicky, but I'm used to it, its something i do automatically now.

I used to hate my name, it was alittle different, I only know 1 other women with my name but hers is spelt 'Linley' where mines 'Lynley'. I'm just used to it now I guess. No-one ever gets the spelling right either, and I get annoyed when people call me Lyn, don't know why, maybe I just don't like my name being shortend.
I love my name, Im the only person that has it, it consist of 11 letters, but is shortend to 4 letters, if your not a kiwi then its very difficult to pronounce, LOL, and it makes it hard for anyone to try and steal it (identity theft) But I love how people will try and say it, when Im at the bank, or they look at my license, LOL!

mama to 3 beautiful angels...

I dont hate my name (Paula) but i dont love it either

Nothing to see here folks!!

I like my name because it's different!
i didn't like it when i was younger but now i think its quite pretty. if i wasn't called Emma, i would definately consider naming one of my children Emma but it would be too weird calling them my name LOL
I like my name - Roxanne!
Didn't like people singing "roxanne" to me when i was young though, but quite a fan of Sting/Police now, lol.
Generally called Roxy, which is pretty funky i think!
Only met 2 or 3 other Roxannes in my life...
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