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With all the car seat questions going around i thought id show you all something i recieved awhille ago, you may have already seen but worth another look.

Hopefully my link worked (im still learning!)


Is that the Isabella link???
yes did it work?

Thanks Amy

I came across that tragic story in my research before I bought J the maxi rider. Although it's one of the most, if not the most expensive seat on the market it is worth EVERY CENT if it's going to give my child that little bit extra chance of survival in a serious crash.

I didn't just buy it for the cup holders!
Oh i defiantly got mine for the cup holders!!!!!!
Only problem is Emma cant reach her drink yet anyway LOL

I really love the maxi riders i have still got Emma with normal belt connections but have changed Caitlin to the 5 point harness, it is harder and annoying to do up but would never not use one.

Thanks Amy, I hope everyone watches that, it's truelly touching!


Thanks for sharing Amy


Sorry very sad.Thanxs Amy for sharing this very sad story.
I refuse to put my DD's in booster seats later so i also bought the maxi rider for DD#1 and will buy one for DD#2 when she grows out of her car seat. I just looked on a website and they are advertised just over $400 but whats $400 to protect your child????????????????????
Posted by: Stephanea
Omg the whole way through that video my skin was tingling and i had massive goosebumps. And needless to say it brought heavy tears to my eyes.

But - it's done the job. Are maxi riders the only 5 point harness seats? How much are they approximately? And are booster seats no good at all these days...or still ok once they are a little older?

I'm sorry for all the questions, but i haven't looked into any of this yet...but really want to now.

No the Hipod Senator is made in a Maxi Rider shell - and made by the same company, Britax. It has the 5pt harness and can be used with the Protecta H Harness also. However it also has an adjustable head restraint that the MR and MRII don't have. It's only sold at Target though. The other difference is the fabrics. The MRIII will have the AHR feature also, but will cost an extra $100 for it.
I watched this video a little while back ( around the time I put my 2 yr old in a booster ), I had tears streaming down my face, so I immediately put him back in his carseat! I tell everyone about the importance of a 5 point safety harness now.

oh god how totally devestating! I am a nut when it comes to the car and car seats, I really even struggle with letting someone else buckle Mason in.
He is going into the Maxi Rider III in Aug - he'll be 19mths - is he too young??
I will not be transfering him to a booster seat until he has totally outgrown the Maxi Rider.
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