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Meh ... Dirt Smirt Lock Rss

I really don't give a rats if our boys get dirty. Hey they and their clothes are washable is my thinking and as long as its not inside the house and they are having fun.

But I am feeling like a dying breed on this opinion!

Are you kidding me - dying breed? I think My little man was covered head to toe in mud yesterday, and is currently playing with flour - will be white from the waist up very shortly lOl!
You are not alone. My boys are always getting dirty playing in the back yard, painting, eating, etc. Like you said as long as their having fun and how else are they supposed to learn to do things woth out experementing!
I know of some mothers who do get upset when their little ones come home from daycare with paint on them etc.

DD1/9/04, DS12/9/05, DS 19/9/06, DD 13/11/2009

Holly can get as filthy as she likes! Makes for great pics!

She is bathed at the end of everyday, to wash away the days play! (and for obvious hygiene reasons!!!)


lol VJ, I hope that flour is outside for you sake sad(]

I'm the long as its not in my house...or we aren't about to go out somewhere and its his 'good clothes' getting wrecked.

Posted by: Smiley Bub

I know of some mothers who do get upset when their little ones come home from daycare with paint on them etc.

LOL I know many mums like this. And its not even paint they get their knickers in a knot over, its a bit of dirt!!!

lol no! he has a seive and his trains, and the seived flour is being snow on top of the trains.. he really likes that game, so I just sweep the floor after, and let him go for it LOL!
when my little man is old enough to play outside,he'll be out there in a flash lol
All good for there immune system i say

nope i don't care.

as long as heis having fun i dont mind

ill be the same with DD when she is oldenough to play and get dirty

its all part of being a kid
I am with you. Have a look at the amount of sickness/ illness there is these days in kids, it has been proven that kids who get minimum exposure to dirt and germs (of course not ridiculously high amount of germs) are getting sick all the time. Dirt washes off- who cares let them have their fun and while they are at it build up their immunity- bonus!

My DH wants to build my boys a dirt pit instead of a sand pit.

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