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So DH and I have been told we are having another boy.

A few of you may remember that in March an old friend that I grew up with died as a result of the crash in Adelaide V8 Super Cars (Fujitsu). Anyway I would like to name our bub after him whether it is his first name or middle name- Ashley. Thing is his sister is pregnant too- due 2 days before I am booked in for my c-section and I dont want to upset her if that is what she had planned.

Do you think I should ask her and her parents if I can name bub after him as I dont want to upset anyone?

I'd mention it to them, They will probably be honured that you want to do that in memory of your friend, But yep, I would mention it to them just in case.
oh thats usch a sweet idea... i have a friend who did the same thing (Named bub after a past friend).. but yeah i would ask the sis if she was going to do that im sure the family wouldnt be offended as its your way of remembering your friend too.. i personally would be touched if i was your friends sister/parents as it shows they ment alot to you!

I wouldn't ask them, I would simply tell them that you are naming bub in honour of him. I think they will be ticked pink.

My cousin as named Ashley (alwasy gets called Ash) after a drag race driver, mind you Ash would be 40 or so now....

Is OVER rude people

I would have a talk to them first just in case better to be on the safe side i suppose

I agree I would mention it and if she has decided to name her bub Ashley as a first name then you can still do it as a middle name.

But if you plan on using it as a middle name then I don't think you need to ask. Only for a first name.

How time flies!!

WHat a gorgeous idea

Yes I would prob run the idea by his parents. They will most likely be chuffed however I think it is still courtesy to perhaps double check with them.

I dont know if DH is too sure on it for a first name yet. I have even suggested Ashtyn- cos he doesnt like Ashton- hello it is the same name just different spelling. He says cos it will straight away get shortened to Ash. Um you are Alan I am sure it got shortened to Al straight away. It is also similar to Ashley so I just dont know.

My sisters best friend died in a car accident in March 07 and she named her daughter after her in Dec 07. I believe the family was very happy to have their daughters name carried on. My name is also after my mums best friend who died of cancer.
I personally would be honoured if someone thought that much of my child to name thiers after them - regardless of the situation.
Perhaps you should go and visit with the parents though and let them know of your intentions. Expect tears, but I"m sure they will be tears of pride as well as sadness.
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