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My sis and I grew up with no cousins and no family except our parents. Both of us hated it. We always feel like we have missed out on what most kids have. (our family all live in the UK). My DH is also in the same boat.
And now my boys are too. My sis lives in Melb and although we see her twice a year her kids are 9 and 10. My DH's family has 4 kids but none are ready to produce (with the youngest being 12). So looks like my kids are in the same boat. It stinks really, but you can't plan for these things.
Yup Marita ... lol .... you made sense smile]

You are right S, at the end of the day we plan for our own families don't we. How are you and Mason feeling today?

My kids have no cousins around their age and arent likely to get any either. They have one older cousin who they adore but rarely see and I cant see my eldest brother having any more kids at all and am still waiting on the other two but dont think it will happen in the next 5 years.

They do have quite a few 2nd cousins around their ages but they are all in Brissy and we are in Sydney so they dont see them except maybe 1 time a year.
No problems in my family - we like to do things together lol.
My eldest brother has a three yr old and an 8 month old and dd is only 7.5 months old - so there is two weeks between them.

Alyssa loves her cousins she giggles and squeals whenever she sees them.

As for my other brother he would love to have kids now but his fiance wants to wait till her 30's - but there will only be a few years not a huge gap.

Growing up though I was heaps close to my cousins and we had the best times together and we still see each other regularly - one of the things my nan said to me before she died was that she loved that we get on so well with each other.

I grew up with a lot of cousins around, however, they all live interstate. We used to spend all our school holidays travelling and spending time with each side of the family. I can remember so many great times. As we grew older we got more involved in our own lives however, and now most of us only ever catch up at family events - weddings, funerals etc. Bit sad ...

My DS has a 4 year old cousin, an almost 3 year old cousin and as we speak (as I type) my SIL is currently being induced so he will soon have another to add to the list!

I know the feeling...

I have a 5mth old niece (SIL...but they only want one kid)...but the rest of the family are miles off having kids! My sister is about to go off to kids are at least 5 years away for her.

And I guess even if they did they will be in NZ so DS wont get to grow up with them. It makes me sad as I have a large extended family whom I am extremely close too...and would have loved my kids to have the same experience.

Oh well..will just have to mkae my own LARGE family

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