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What are the grobags called that have the small hole for a seatbelt buckle to go thru in between the legs???

and does anyone have a good one they recommend??

crap i cant remenber what there called i got mine from big W and Target, i know target had them on sale,

oh pumpkin patch sell these - but I dont think they would be warm enough for melb! Um JK might have them too. Hang on I'll look on ebay.

thats one on jk clothing website. They look snuggly and have the mitten bits over their hands
thanks for the link!

ill check it out! smile age/1/style/521417W08#

hope that works
I use the snugtime (i think thats the name) available from myer - mum bought me a new one last week for winter it cost $35 and Alyssa is nice and warm in it (has long sleeves) it also has the seatbelt hole.


Just saw a bunch on ebay - all kinds of brands - just search baby sleeping bags
I think you are talking about the "snugtime" grobags.. I have them for my kidlets up to size 5 they loves them and they are snug and warm.
I have just ordered mine for Ethan so they should be here soon


I just bought what you are asking about yesterday from Sids and Kids and am looking forward to it's arrival! <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Here it is here with a better description at this site compared to the Sids and Kids one for those interested in it!
Bubbles Travel grobag

I hope that this is what you were asking about.
All the best with it! xox

hey jas,

you can get these at target and big w have them also i think

target have thick polar fleece ones that are are realy warm and have the seat belt holes

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