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by this time tomorrow....................... Lock Rss

i would of had my lil bubba boy!!!!!!

i am nervous, excited and scared!!

cried to myself in bed most of last night, and didnt get to sleep till after 3am, lol, sooky la la!!

dd is sleeping at the moment, but ir eally wanna go wake her up as she will be going to my mum's shortly and i am gonna miss her.

poor thing, it'll never be the same again (it should be better!!)
awww trina, how amazing!! whos going to pass on the good news to us huggies aunties hehe
i will be txting mum.2.jordan.n.jacob as we have been friends for years, but im not sure if she is posting on here, otherwise, i know my hossy has internet access on there tv's (some fancy thinggy) so if i can work it out i could very well post myself!
oooo i know how you feel i had jazz by induced and that what i did, its scarey but when its all done youll have your bubs and a whole new world,

hugs to you and hubby and congrats and if you wanna chat anytime just pm me,

good luck.

she will love him, its so wonderful with 2.
aww conratultions and treasure him, cant wait to hear how you go.i cant wait to have my last bubby boy in aug.

good luck and best wishes


wooooooohooooooooooooooooo new bubba!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best babe xoxo

DD will adore DS... When he is sleeping do something super fun with her she will love it
Good luck and all the best.Big Hugs.

Can't wait to hear the good news and see a pic.

Thinking of you now and]
yay cant wait to hear then!!! I hope it all goes smoothly xx
good luck with everthing.

Life is different with two but it is definatly great.

Looking forward to hearing your great news soon.

Ooooooh this is so exciting. I love counting down.

I have already decided that towards my pregnancy we are going to have a family photo every day. The last one I will scrapbook and it will be titled something along the lines of the last day as a family of 3, or something like that.

I have a pic of hubby and I sitting on the bed in the hospital and exactly 1 day and 8 seconds later we had a photo in the same spot. The only thing is that hubby wasn't rubbing my belly, he was actually holding our baby. We didn't even realise the timing until weeks afterwards.

Is OVER rude people

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