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naming ceromies and 1st bday party Lock Rss

im giving my son a naming ceromies and 1st bday party on the same day

i was wondering if anyone done that and do i have to book for the naming ceromies now cause his bday in june

thank if u can help
for sally

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

hey funky,
I don't know a lot about naming ceremony but I think they are normally conducted by a celebrant so best to book in advance for the date.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hi Funky

I haven't done a birthday and naming day together but I have done two naming ceremonies for my children.

It is best to ring around and get prices and also book now especially if your son's birthday is in June.

Celebrants are the ones who do naming ceremonies. The lady that I had charged $200 that was september 2003.

Ring around and check prices and also see what you get for your money. We got the ceremony, certificates, 5 small certificates for granparents etc, certificates for the guardians etc.

Hope this helps.


QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

i rang around last year and it only going to cost me $80 i so better start to ring again just be on the safe side and book it thank very much

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

Hey Funky,

I agree with girlymum, start to ring around now. I looked up the Celebrants in the local phone book when I had my son's naming day. The prices and certificates do tend to vary a little so get a few quotes.
Hope you have a great day. I had my sons when he was only 3 mths old but my girlfriend had the 1st b'day and naming day combined, they are wonderful fun. Let us know how you go!!
what is a naming ceremony what does it involve whats it for???

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi Eilishsmummy,

A naming day is usually held for people who are not religious but want to give their children a god parent or guardian. It is similar to a christening only not religious.

You can make them as formal or as informal as you like and you can hold them wherever you like.

I have had two naming days to celebrate my childrens life and give them guardians. I have had one at my parents house and one at mine.

Hope this helps you.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

name ceremonies are non religious way of welcoming a child into your family.

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

I was interested in having a naming ceremony for my daughter, but have no idea where to start if anyone has an advice id apreciate it! i live in melboure, but i dont know anyone who has had a ceremony like this so i have no-one to ask for advice of even if they know any celebrants to do this for us. i'd love anyone who has some ideas!!

Kristie, mummy to Mikayla Skye (27/8/2003)

hi there krista
this is my first time too i never know anyone other than my partner mother who done it before but she did it ages ago( 25 years ) so i started ringing around to find the cheapest celebrant got one for $55 $2 for each cerificate i doing my own candle with my son name DOB and godparents date of naming ceremony on the candle
but it really depend on what u want
im having a BBQ after which it is good
i havent had the ceremony its in june getting close but if u want to know more u can email [email protected]

from sally

Tyler 12/6/03 . Dion 10/11/08

thankx funky i will start to find some celebrants numbers and find out prices! will email after, let u know how i go...thanks again tho!

Kristie, mummy to Mikayla Skye (27/8/2003)

If you didn't want to have a celebrant but still follow the whole concept would be to have a trusted friend of the family or relative perform the ceremony for you.
It'll save the expense of the celebrant. It would be more personal and you could make up your own ceremony with readings, promises to the child etc.
If you've been to another naming day or know someone whose had one before you could modify the same ceremony to suit yours.
There's no end to what you could do to make the day exclusively yours.

member since 2004

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