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Well, I have about 6 Bananas that NEED using up, so Im going to make my Mums Banana cake with passinfruit icing.

So, I need only about 2 tablespoons of passionfuit pulp, what else can i make using the left over passionfruit pulp?

Any types of bikkies?

Also is there anything else i can make with Bananas?

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what about muffins, or batter the bananas, fry and have with icecream yummo
you could make muffins and then put the pulp on top then bake and it will go through the top and make yummy muffins

also have a look in they have heeps of stuff in their
i would make a trifle u can add the banana and the pulp more fruit.. some custard.. jelly and maderia cake or those italian biccis soaked in fruit juice..

I made passionfruit shortbread a while ago. The pulp and seeds were in the dough. Yummo.
I'm sure any sort of plain cookie dough would work.

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if you dont want to use it all Spunky can put it into ice cube trays adn freeze it ..I do it all the time !!

it is nice to put in a jug of water with a few passionfruit ice cubes in ti aswell !!!
Another thing to make with bananas is banana and choc chip muffins. Especially good warm.Also scones.
Also, bananas can be frozen whole. Just chuck em in the freezer skin and all.I do it all the time. The skin goes black and they look yuck. Then when you thaw them, just open an end and squeeze it into the cake mix. The mixer will mash it.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

hi spunky princess
With the left over passion fruit you can freeze it to use whenever you need passionfruit, it does not take long to thaw can also freeze the bananas to use in cakes,or muffins,just thaw them out before you use them.

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