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How do boys play with action man? I want to buy one for my nephew, do I buy the doll and outfits, or the doll and a canoe or some sort of vehicle - I don't know how boys play with them LOL!
my boys have a few, hand me downs from a cousin they dont have changes of clothing but things like a scuba diving thing kike a submarine thingy so go with the canoe or vehicle they usually just have fights with them LOL jump on things etc

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My son who is now 14 and had an action man. He loved it. He didnt like to change out fits on him but he had a car and truck for him. LOVED IT.

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How old is your nephew?
Thanks for that! I will get the canoe then - it can go in the bath then! (They have a telly in their bathroom - can you believe it! LOL!)
Nephew will be 8
He may be more into Ben 10 rather than action man
Don't know what Ben 10 is, but I was sent an e-mail from an online store about ben 10 stuff last week - I will go and have a look Thanks!
You're welcome.
Yeah I agree to check out the Ben 10 stuff. The 2 older boys were pretty much over action man around 7 but the 3rd still plays with it every now and then but they all love Ben 10

Leigha''s little men smile

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