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Memmi.moo baby news here! Rss

Hi chickies just got off the phone to memmi.moo she has had her sweet lil man weighing 5lb13oz his name is Deegan Jhye.

She's doing well lil man is getting a little oxygen for now but is good. Forgot to ask what time sorry girls.

Big DD is excited and stepDD has just arrived to see her lil brother too oh better add hubby is good to

Well done memmi.moo congrates on your new arrival

Love and hugs
cheeky n co


Congrats to you and your family Memmi.
congratulations! i hope that you have a smooth recovery smile]

welcome to the world Deegan!
Congrats on the arrival of your tiny little man!! Can't wait to see pics.

Hugs xx
congrats on the birth of your son.

Such a little baby!!

Congratulations!! All the best for recovery!!

How time flies!!

oh wow, a big congrats to you darl, hope all is good. Rest up and take it easy.

Welcome to the world Deegan

Congrats on the arrival of your little man!
Cant wait to see a pic!
Congratulations on the little boy! smile]
well done!!

Congratulations on the arrival of Deegan Memmi and family.

I just told DH the name and he is sooo jealous lol (he has always loved the name Deegan)

ALl the best, Jo

Congratulations, all these new babies!! How exciting
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