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He has finally Lock Rss

TURNED - yay we are head down now! I was starting to worry that I was going to have a little breech boy on my hands. I had the most uncomfortable and painful sleep last night so I guess thats what the little monkey was up to.
Oh and the ob told me his balls stick out like NSW number plates - so I guess that means there's no mistaking it now!
it is so uncomfortable when they turn isnt it ??

that is great least now you dont have to guess !!!

good to see he also has a good set of know ........nutties !!!! lol lol lol .....I used to have dreams that I would have a boy with really small nutties !!! lol lol lol lol l
yay for you! Thats great news! My bub turned a couple of weeks ago, the dr's didn't think it would but it did!! When are you due?
Not till the 24th June, but I was a breech birth and it was starting to freek me out!
And yes Frances it was a very very uncomfortable experience him turning - I don't remember it with Mase. This one must be a little hurcules!! yay NOT
YAY! Thats great news

I wouldnt' know what a turning baby felt like lol. My stubborn Jayden was breech my whole pregnancy and no amount of willing would make him turn lol

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