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My friend, is in the middle of her hpv virus vaccinations and accidently fell pregnant....the doctors have warned her that there could be a chance that the baby could be harmed due to the vaccine...and that termination is a issue to be looked at..just wanted to try and get some information for her to try help her out....has anyone had to have a abortion for medical reasons ?? is it painful and how much does it cost approc, she is on health care card and HCF private trying to help her when her family turned their backs to her...any help would be good thankyou..hope i didnt offend anyone with this post

Aimee, 4 year old princess

i don't want to contradict the docs, but I thought you just had to wait till after you have bubs to finish the course??
I think a lot of people on here have done the sam thing.
sorry double post
dunno what happened there
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she was pregnant and didnt know and then got the just trying to get the info for her to help her

Aimee, 4 year old princess

oh ok I thought she'd fallen after she'd had it.
I hope someone can help you and your friend, I hope she will be ok.
Sorry I couldn't help
Did they give her any information as to what harm might have been done to the baby?

Personally I would be looking into what side effects it may have as a result of the vaccine, and tracking down any studies that have been done. Also looking at how severe the side effects may be and if she was to carry through how her and her family's lives would be affected.

Personally I'm not one for termination but if it was to cause severe disability and there was an outcome with very poor quality of life then I would seriously consider it.

BTW how far along is she?

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At 11 weeks she can have a test to determine how likley the baby has been affected - however its probably better for her if she can have a termination prior to this - as at this scan you can see that they are totally developed and I would imagine seeing that then having to terminate would be even more devestating.
I have no idea the cost etc however I have had a friend who recently had a termination in NZ and she said it was relatively painless, she felt like she had a period for the next couple of days but nothing unbearable.
I think she really needs to find out WHAT could happen and how severe before getting a termination. Remind her that it is only a possiblity. Also she might want to get some councilling before she does make that kind of decision and she'll also need some after it has happened.
I feel very very sorry for her, this would be a nightmare.
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