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Should we buy a wedding as well as christmas for my BIL? Lock Rss

Hello everyone

my bil got married about a month ago to his american partner they were married in queensland just in the justice office or whatever it is called. Anyway my MIL & FIL went as well as my other BIL and his wife

obviously with 2 young children we couldn't go! anyway they are coming down just before christmas and we said we would have a bbq for everyone here at our house in total there will be about 9 adults in total plus our 2 children

anyway we are going to give them a voucher for christmas and I was asked the other day as we are supposedly expected to get them a present for their wedding! bearing in mind we are on one income I asked DH and he said no we are just getting them one present! but I am half expecting my MIL to say something to us about it

does anyone think it is okay just to get them a christmas present?



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Is the BBQ at your house for christmas or as a way to acknowledge their marraige? If it is for there wedding then the fact that you are giving them a BBQ party is probably gift enough. You could probably decorate a cake extra nicely as a way of showing the party is your gift. (Hosting parties aren't alway cheap). I am not sure where in Victoria you are but if you are close by I always find going into the Queen Vic market early on a saturday morning to get the meat etc saves a lot of money.

If it is for a christmas BBQ then maybe a small token for their wedding would be nice. Maybe an inexpensive photo frame with a photo from their wedding (ypu could ask your MIL or someone who was there for one of the snapshots?)

!Hi Melly.
You probably wont like my reply here! I feel you should probably get them a wedding present, as it is a totally different celerbration from Christmas.
As Elisa said, doesn't have to be expensive - ThingZ have some great cheap pressies that are really nice and a good selection of photo frames.
I have always sent a pressie to weddings that we have been unable to attend. Even a $20 Bunnings voucher has been my gift before. And being immediate family.......!
However if you feel comfortable not giving a gift and you know that they wont expect one (who cares if MIL does - its not her wedding or pressie!) then I wouldn't let it worry you.
Maybe you could cut down the amount on the chrissy voucher to compensate?
Good Luck,
Hope you have a great Barby!

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