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Holly has always been a really good eater, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.

At the moment, she won't eat breakfast or lunch, screams for her snacks and crys for her bottles and sippy cup. I've tried everything!

I know children go off their food when they are teething, but she's not at the moment (that Im aware of) She's recently cut 5 teeth.

What can I do? It's stressing me out!!!!


How old is she??? DS went through this 2 mths ago - at 13mths. He would scream and cry at lunch and dinner. I was going mad - then I started with mean mummy and would just open his mouth and pop whatever I had made in. Sometimes he would spit it out but 99% of the time he would get the taste and go "Oh this is yum I"ll eat that". Also if he gets too tired now then there is now way he will eat. Appart from that if she is still having formula or BF she should be getting enough to keep her going - just might have to start introducing foods she can feed herself? That was another thing with DS - he got very angry with me if I fed him.
Most kids go through this and the most important thing to remember is that they wont starve themselves. You just need to make sure that what they do eat is nutritious. Though I wouldn't recommend force feeding.

Jaz went through it from 2 till not long ago, for almost a year when she would only eat a few certain things. So I made sure that her snacks were full of goodness and put her on multivitamins. It really isn't worth getting yourself worked up, you can only do your best.
What snacks is she having?

Is it cheese/fruit/vegie sticks/sandwhiches?

If she is having healthy snacks then I wouldn't worry too much. Just keep offering her the meals at the same time you would normally do it, and then just let her go, try not to make a fuss if she won't eat it.

My dd is just a fussy eater, but somehow she is very very healthy, hardly gets sick and still puts on weight at a reasonable rate.

She is fussy, so when she snacks I make sure it's healthy.
rhylie is 20mths and been throw this alot, this times its been over a month, he is just not interested in food, he is eating just enough but would be btter if it was more, but they will get there when they are ready. he will have little snacks and is drinking a heck of alot of milk at the moment, he had custard and pears for lunch sat for an hour eating that, so that was a GREAT effort. just hang in there, even if she is only eating little snacks, its better then nothing
Sorry, should have given more info.

She is 10 months, nearly 11 months old. Her birthday is 8/6/07.

For snacks, she has fruit, veges, yoghurt, crackers, bars etc. All good things I assume, however, I do give her a biscuit every now and then.

She is on formula also. I intend to attempt weaning her onto cows milk, but there is NO WAY i can do that untill she is eating properly!!!!!

Thanks for all your comments. Good to know it's normal. I've been reading some other posts, do you think she could just be bored with the meals? Lunch I normally give her half a sandwich, fruit etc. Dinner is a jar of whatever, I really like the Heinz Mum's Choice range..... maybe she doesn't anymore? Breakfast is cereal or toast, normally cereal.


Do you eat with her at meal times? I know DS eats a lot better when we are all eating the same thing.

Noodle 24/12/05 Mops 03/11/07

Is it possible she might like to start eating the same you have for dinner.

At 10 month she could eat almost the same as you. eg, if you mash up the vegetables a little more. Obviosly you can't give her steak and things like that, but if you have something like a tuna pasta, she could eat that, you would just have to mash it up a bit so she doesn't choke on things and make sure they are easier to chew.
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