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Your back in hun!!!!

edit cause i cant spell your username!
[Edited on 07/05/2008]
Hey Manda

Yes and No! lol

It just automatically logged me out and took me ages to get back in again and sometimes it won't let me in at all ... who knows what's going on!!?? Its not entirely a bad thing tho. I'm getting some spring cleaning done around the house and almost finished a book I've had lying around for a yr and never got started on lol

Hey I just read poor little Bella isn't well! How is she??

Mwah! Jo

She seems to be a bit better today so i think she is on the mend.

Are you going to be around tonight?? Im home alone so more free puter time for me!! Yay!
lol, see now I can log in as Ryjayd but not JoJosy????

Oh Good. I'm glad to hear Bella is on the mend? Has Lola missed it??? ... I hope so.

Umm ... I am teaching a Step class tonight and then the final of Underbelly is on so probably not sad

Thursday or Saturday night I probably will be if you are around smile]

Nope cant do thursday! Maybe saturday!

Come on, just come on after underbelly!

Man work tomorrow is going to be hell!! unpacking all those underbelly orders!
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