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How Come I Know More Than A Doctor ?? Lock Rss

Stupid stupid stupid Man !!

Luke has a gastro bug ..I know ...ntohing serious pretty distressing but not life threatining !!! ...i took him cause I was actually concerned about his fever that he had ..also he was holding his little tummy and saying "sore" befroe he threw up !!!

When I got there he said .."not feeling to well mate " ..I told him the troubles and he said "A jelly bean will fix that !!".....What a c0ckhead ...I have just told him that I gave him 2ml of water in a syringe and he threw it back ..told him he threw up all over his half a piece of dry toast (he told me he wanted breakky ....bad call I know ...but he said he was hungry ...what do you do ??? lol lol lol lol lol )and he thinks a friggin jelly bean is going to fix him ...he threw up twice int he waiting room while we were waiting ...why would you give him suger !!! MORON !!!

then when he checked his tummy and the elasticity in his skin ...he took his temp (all fine ...wouldnt you know it !! lol lol lol ) he said to keep up his fluids ..I told him that I was giving him water in a syringe so I caould see how much was going in ...and I asked him about Hydralyte ..would that be gentlier ..I know if he could keep it down that it would be better ...but considering he throws everything that touches his tummy up again ...I was concerned ...he said to make up some really sweet cordial and give that to him ...MORE SUGAR !!!!

is it just me or does everybody else think that sugar and fat are a no no for gastro ?????
I just want to give Luke a big kiss and hope he feels better soon

*kisses Luke through a face mask, cos i dont want his diseases* LOL

Stupid Doctors!!!!


Are you sure this man was acutally a doctor sounds like a
D I C K H E A D to me...

Hope Luke gets better soon grin

F I've heard that you should give them slightly sugary drinks. I'd always heard weak cordial or diluted gatorade etc not strong cordial though.

The reason I've heard for the sugars is because they can't keep food down it helps them get a little bit of energy and hopefully feel a bit better. Even if they have a sip and throw it back up later a bit is still being absorbed into the body.

Hope Luke feels better soon, it's awful seeing them sick.

When Judd was sick recently he craved those Bellamy's Organic Apple snacks - we limited him to just 1 or 2 every half hour or so and they seemed to stay down ok.

"A small amount of glucose or sucrose helps the baby to absorb fluid more efficiently and makes it more palatable, but too much causes diarrhoea" - from Robin Barker's book Babylove.

Last time DS had gastro the dr said if he's hungry let him feed (he was 7 months at the time ...)

Noodle 24/12/05 Mops 03/11/07

I have been told diet orange cordial for gastro if he'll drink it..

Also they need just 1 teaspoon of liquid every hour to stay hydrated but just watch his ears - if they start going yellow he's getting severely dehydrated. It's also better he has something in tummy to throw up rather than throwing up bile (maybe just make sure he takes a bucket everywhere??) Maybe try some watermelon?? It's food, with sugar and fluids, if he throws it up some of it will have stayed in his system..

I understand though, I remember DD had a gastro bug for 3 solid weeks when she was 5 mths old, she would throw up all the time, a massive dirty nappy every hour and everytime I went to the doctor he just said, "ride it out" - big help.

I know it will sound silly, but flat lemonade diluted with a bit of water. It needs to be flat coz the fizz will perpetuate matters!! He needs some sugar as it helps with his energy and rehydration - but of course not excessive like 'strong cordial'. lol (what a dork of a doc!)

The other thing is gastrolyte (or the one you mentioned) is good because you need to keep his electrolytes up. Or, you can get those icypoles you freeze (that come in liquid form in plastic tubes) from the chemist with gastrolyte and sugars in them (which are particularly good for diabetics). My mum keeps some in the freezer for my diabetic brother.

I hope the poor little fella feels better soon - Big Hugs! ooooo

gastrolyte def. but we r told to tell customers that sugars should b avoided as the bacteria feeds off them makin the bug last 4 longer??? i guess gastrolyte and those kinda things have the right amounts and types of sugar in them?? hope luke feels better]

I was told that flat lemonade was not good to give anymore

I can't remember why

I am just looking it up so will come back with results

I hope he feels better soon

I was given this by my doc and a copy also from my local hospital when bell had gastro a few weeks ago... For a baby up to 9months dilute the drinks listed with water: [list]GASTROLYTE, HYDROLITE, REPALYTE etc. Make up exactly as it says on the packet.[/list] [list]SUGAR SOLUTION 1 teaspoon of table sugar to 1 cup of water[/list] [list]CORDIAL (not low calorie) 1/2cup of cordial to 4 cups of water[/list] [list]FRUIT JUICE] 1 cup fruit juice to 4 cups water[/list] [list]LEMONADE 1 part to 6 parts water[/list] I have a few facts sheets about food to eat/avoid etc. If you want any more info PM me and I'll email it to you if you'd like! Kat


When my toddler had a bout of gastro a couple of months ago the doctor said not to bother with the likes of gastrolyte and the like saying it was salty hence the reason my son refuses to drink it. He said a better alternative was powerade or gatorade as this also can replce the electrolytes lost. We limited it as it is pretty sweet but it actually worked...

He said any of those type sports drinks was good for gastro. Our little man perked up quite abit after his first drink....


oops posted twice

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