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I want to SCREAM from the top of the roof, Lock Rss


I got a very faint line today Day 29 of cycle, i will test again on Sunday Day 31 (Mothers Day).

Both previous pregnancies had really faint lines for first 10 days after AF was due, even doctor sent me for bloods with Cailtin as it was so faint.

We are not telling friends or family but i have to tell my "special huggies friends" so hope you can all KEEP A SECRET.

So i am due 16th January.

Love Amy

Woo Hoo,
CONGRATES what a great mothers day present

That is fantastic news, congratulations!


Wooohooo Congratulations how exciting smile]

Thanks girls it finally happened!!!

Wow congratulations, the perfect mothers day prezzie

oh wow. congrates!!
CONGRATS honey thats going to make a great mothers day gift,


oh my gawd i cannot spell today!
[Edited on 09/05/2008]
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