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Working Mums Lock Rss

HI im a full time mum and a fully time worker. Im in the navy and so is my husband and i find it really hard to find other mothers in my position. (not just defence people) It makes it really hard when all the parent groups are during the day which i cant attend. So if anyone else is in this position i would love to hear from you.

Kim,NSW, baby girl and one on the way

Hi Kim

I'm in the same boat as you (sorry, no pun was intended!)
I'm also a full time mum who works full time - I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses that phrase! I have to admit, I haven't met a another mother in the department I work for either, at least not one with a small child who also works full-time. I must admit I won my current job when I was still pregnant, then returned to work 4 months after he was born, so for me I found it really hard leaving my son, starting work in a new place, no one befriended me, I miss out on spending time with Lachlan and I miss out by not being able to take him to parent groups where he can socialise with other children & I can socialise with other mums. Its really hard and can be upsetting. Luckily I am able to take a day off once a fortnight if I have worked enough time up (although its normally once a month), then I go to kindergym with Lachlan on Thursday afternoon and just spend the day playing with him. In fact, tomorrow afternoon I have a date with my boy and kindergym!!

BUT, I'm grateful to the Huggies Parents Exchange forum, it gives me an opportunity to see what issues other mums have for 30 mins during my lunch break.

Take care

Michelle,SA, Lachlan & Holly

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