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Here is the senario:

You already have one child, who was a miracle and who was never sposed to happen due to medical reasons. You have been having serious financial problems, but have started to sort them all out (the financial problem were due to your own stupidity and once you sort them out you would have enough money to start saving) and these problems would be sorted out with in the next six months.

Now you have been told that you might not be able to have any more children and you REALLY want them. The doctor suggested that if you DO want more children then you should start trying now.

What do you do!! Do you wait untill you have definatly sorted out your financial probs then start trying, knowing that it MAY be to late by then, or do you try for another child NOW??

This is partially based on my story however, I will not be having another child any time soon for lack of a partner, It's a bit hard to conceive a child when you are single (lol). But I just wanted you thought on what you would do if it was YOU!!


I would start trying now and do everything possible to fix my financial problems over the next 9-12months max.

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

If it was me I would just be trying for the baby anyway, simply because money comes and goes, but if having the baby is that important you should have the baby.
I would probably start trying now...
i would start trying now, unless i was so hard up i couldn't afford to feed the new bub or anything. and if i could see my finacial promblems picking up in the 9 months.

I would be trying for another bubba. You have the rest of your life to tidy up debt and create some more along the way.

If It was me....
Oh hang on it was me... oops!!!

I WOULD start trying for another bubba, but being as I have spilt with exDF (hence the ex duh!!! - silly me!) then it's a tad hard!

I could just go and have a random one night stand.....

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