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How much would you pay for a handbag? Rss

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Wow, some of you spend a lot on a bag!! $65 was certainly the most I've ever paid.

Thanks again, gives me something to think about anyway.
Any chance you could put a pick up of one? I can't picture what you mean!
Have a look at

They are on there. The one I have is the 6 pocket gallery bag. I use it as my nappy bag too.
Oh wow that's a really cool bag! I don't know if I'd buy one but I would seriously think about it, if not for me then for my mum.
We live sculls in this house and i just picked up a sexy hand bag at big w in the little girls section for 15 bucks, No its not designer, but i love it!!!
Considering I spent $116 on a bag the other day that was reduced from almost $200, I sure would pay $65. BTW, I would have paid the $200 as it is FABULOUS!
Yes, I would pay that much for a bag.
I wouldn't pay a lot. Around 100$ and less
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