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Husband part two.... Rss

Right, I am MIGHTY peeved off at the moment. Some may have read my post about my husband wetting the bed after he drinks too much.

Well, our first night without our baby in god knows how long. He decideds that we should go to the pub and shoot some pool. I think I already know how it will turn out, but hey, let my hair down and try to enjoy it and show him that I can still be fun (despite having a baby and also being pregnant atm).

As usual, he ends up playing pool with his work mates and some random guys. Which is fine. he is very social and loves to chat. But he says, right, one more game, then we will go. (like he has said many times before). i think, maybe he has learnt and he thinks in his head that "wow, first night without the baby in ages, she has been enjoying herself and now she is about ready to go, so one more game, then we will return home for some excellent love making and go to sleep together).

Nope, didn't happen. One more game turned into three. on the third, I just said to him, tell me you aren't racking them up for another game. "Yeah, we won". I just said "you can walk home then." And left and drove home. We are only about 10 min. walk away from the pub.

I just said that he can sleep in another bed and put something down first because our bedroom still wreeks of the last time he wet the bed on Wed night. He is still at the pub, not caring, playing his pool and I am once again, home alone. THIS time without my little baby.

I am so over it. Happens everytime. he always has to push it. Bet you he will be wetting himself again tonight. At least this time I don't have to wake up in it.
Where is your baby? Is it possible for you to go there for the night so you aren't there when he gets home?

I did read your previous posts and you are much more tolerant than I would be!

My babies are all grown up sad

He is a 1/2 hour drive away at DH's mothers. Bit far at night to travel. Plus I have plans in the morning that I can't take bub with me sad
Oh, OK. How is he going to get in to the house, does he have a key? Is there a way to lock everything so he can't get in? Maybe he will learn his lesson if he has to sleep outside?

My babies are all grown up sad

Thanks nome. I am going to go find something to occupy myself with, cause I know I wont sleep until he gets home.

My gosh I love huggies. Honestly, sometimes it's just like a best friend.
He has a key. AND he is bringing his mate home to stay the night. I actually like this other guy he is bringing home. So I don't really want him not to be able to have a comfy bed for the night. I think that DH will cop it enough tomorrow because I am so over this happening. It's just not good enough.

Thanks again!
if he is bringing a mate home and he pees the bed. hopefully that will be a lesson for him. to stop drinking.
Good luck tomorrow. I hope you sort it out and he agrees to go to a Dr to get the help he needs.

Take care, you don't need all this stress ATM!

My babies are all grown up sad

Confused !! How did you go last night? Did DH behave himself when he got home or are you going to rip him a new one today??

Oohh! I hope you had him sharing the bed with his mate. If the ridicule from his guy mates for p1$$ing his bed at his age isn't enough to make him wake up to himself nothing will.
You are so much more patient then i could ever be!!! I hope your DH ended up behaving himself
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<BIG HUGS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Can't think of anything else to say except for I hope he wet the bed last night and you made a big song and dance about it in front of his friend.

Not v. mature of me, I know. But god I'd be pi ssed off!

I know what you mean. Huggies is always here and there is always someone to chat too. Someone always gives you a boost when your low, or shares your high moments when something good happens. The friends we have on here seem to understand more then some friends in real life. Guess it's because they are total outsiders (and they only get one side of the story!)


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