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Hi my big girl starts school next year and we are in the process of looking at schools which is very exciting but i have to admit i feel old LOL.
Anyway just wondering what you pay for school fees?
And is your school private or public?
And how do you really no a good school from a not so good school?
Oh and if anyone is from geelong and you know of a good school please let me no.
Thanks inadvance


School fess vary greatly from school to school. My oldest DD attends a public primary school in Qld we pay a levy at either the start of the year or per term. Just ask about school fees when you look into the various schools.

How do you tell a good school from a not so good school....well one of the best things to go by is word of mouth. Talk to other parents they will soon tell you what is good or bad about a school. A good principal, good teaching staff, class sizes, adequate operational funds, resources and often enrolement numbers are indications of a good school. However you often don't know about these indicators until your child is already enrolled, which is where other parents perspectives can help.

we pay $150 per year Public school
My Daughter attends a Public School and is currently in Year 2 in NSW. We only pay $30 school fee thats for the full year, but often there is other costs that pop up like for excursions, school concert visits, fund raiser events etc which are usually around a few dollars.

But yeah I was so shocked it was only $30 for a whole year as I use to pay that for one day a week for her at preschool!!

As for telling a good school can't really help as we knew my DD's school was good as we already have other family members go there, plus my DH went there as a kid too and we know principle as he lives in our street so it was all good for us to send her there.

There are really no good public high schools in our area so once my daugther reaches that stage we are probably going to look at sending her to a private school.

I have lived in and around Geelong my whole life and there are some fantastic school here, it just depends on the area in which you are moving to.Do you know what part of Geelong are you coming to?

My dd's both attend Torquay Primary School.That's on the Surfcoast. I love the School ,but there fee's are outrageous.We roughly pay around $200 per child and that's not including the Voluntary fee's. We chose not to pay them,because throughout the year and almost on a weekly bases they are asked to bring a gold coin donation for something!!
Again it is a great school.

If you have any questions you would like to asked, i'm more then happy to help.

Bye Marnie
public primary school. ours is fantastic only a small school , word of mouth and an appt with the principal is a good way to get feedback our school fees are capped at $70 per family if only have 1 child its $35 and resource packs $38 per @ yr for my y1 & yr 2 kids and about $25 for my kindy boy. our school is issuing the school annual statement/report next week maybe you can ask for a copy

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Wow if $200 is outrageous I will swap with you!

Our son goes to a catholic school in nsw(and yes I know it is our choice so I dont complain) we pay about $1200 a year in fees plus what ever school trips or sports they attend. Plus school uniforms. It is a great school and we decided to go there as here we are zoned to certain schools and there was no way he was attending the public school he would be zoned to(very bad reputation).

So we picked the catholic school which has great teachers/staff and more importantly to us is only a smaller sized school. He only start5ed this year and so far he just loves it.

good luck

sam 5 lily 3 and thomas 1
Our DS is at boarding school - you don't want to know the fees.

His primary catholic education was around $1500 a yr.

yr 6 he went to a public school - that was about $200 for the yr, but every week they had their hand out for money - I'd rather pay it all up front.

Hi lisa,
I do agree with you it's not much when comparing your fee's to mine,but it is steep when you see what some other public school fee's are.
I will also add that does not include excursion's,incursion's or uniform's too!!

My daughter goes to a public school and we pay $220 for the year and covers all books,pencils,art,music,swimming lessons,excursions and incursions.
When she was at our local catholic school we payed $1100 per year and then had to pay for excursions and everything separate.
Thanks everyone for your replies, we are heading towards a catholic school, but if a public school offers more or has a better name then we would look at it.
We looked at one school the other day (private) and it was $2200 per year but it included everything except for school uniforms, i don't mind paying the fees if it is a good school, but because we have only been here a short time its hard as we don't no anyone who has kids, who could tell us good schools.


if you dont know anyone with kids, ask parents at the park etc, yes it will be a bit weird but at least you'll know.
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