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Hi don't know whether general discussion is the best place for this forum but anyway...

Has anyone noticed that since they had their babies that theire emotions have changed??

I mean in pregnancy its common with the hormones etc that woman usually get more emotional and cry over little things etc but since I've had my baby this hasn't changed in fact its prob worse.

Like I never used to be an emotional kind of person but now I see things good and bad and they get me so emotional its crazy. I suppose most of the things do involve babies so maybe it just comes with being a today on the news they had in the US a mother that threw her baby out of the window of her apartment block because it was on fire. The people below caught the baby thankgod and the baby and the mum were both ok but when I saw it just on the headline I started getting all teary. Its crazy! And not just with baby stuff either.

Anyway have other mothers found this change after they have had a baby or am I just a changed person now?
Yep since having my son I am definately an emotional basketcase!,

When ever I see anything on the news that has to do with children good or bad I ALWAYS end up in tears. I guess it's because you find yourself saying "oh my god what if that had been my child"?.

The world becomes a very different place the day you become a parent.

22 mths #2 due Sept 06

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