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wrong section I know..

Bub is awful at night - screams, won't sleep - daytime is fine.

do you think a bottle of formula will knock her out so I get more than an hours sleep?

anyone had success with a nighttime formla feed?

Probably not going to make a difference (I know some friends who have tried this and it helped other who tried it and it made no difference whatsoever)but you could always try it and see how DD goes.

That's what I feared Dee.

why do you think she does this?

she feeds so much she projectile vomits, but if I don't feed her she screams the house down and wakes Mia - another problem altogether.

Don't know really. My bubs were unsettled little creatures at night for the first few months too. Colic,wind, reflux you name it they seemed to have it,lol. They also loved the boob for comfort but couldn't work out how to keep a dummy in their mouth. So with the 2 youngest girls I had the cot pushed up beside my side of the bed and they would go to sleep sucking on my very clean, very well trimmed little finger,lol. It was about the only way we all got sleep for a while there.

It all depends whether your little one is waking due to hunger or not?
Amcal Chemist use to sell a formula that was heavier for nights. Cant recall what it was called but they had a few different ones. So if you have an Amcal might be worth checking it out.

Try it and see! From what I've found, motherhood is trial and error sometimes!

best wishes x


All my kids were chuckers....YUK YUK

But anyway I gave Mia a top up of an AR formula after many hours of her not feeding well and she slept like a dream after that...give it a go if you are happy not to exclusively BF...
I found it worked for my babies, the formula at night for their last feed satisfied them till morning but all babies are different so you can only try and see how you go.

it all depends on why she wont sleep if she is hungry, if she wants something to suck on eg a dummy cos zac was like that when he was yuonger and had to be held so i had hit cot right next to my bed, and i kept putting the dummy in, and he started to sleep through the night at 4 mths

Hello. I would take your baby to see a chiropractor before trying formula. They can help with reflux, colic, wind and sleeplessness in babies, they work wonders!! Good luck!!

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