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Does anyone know if the huggies swimmers come in extra small? All I can find in the shops are 3 sizes - s/m/l and the small start at somethying like 16 lb. I want to start taking my son swiming, but the small ones would drown him- he is only 11 lb.

Has anyone got an alternative if they are not available? I am sure that huggies must do them!! there are lots of babies that are under the weight of 16 lb who go swimming!

pls give me advice .....

Eve , & josh ( 05.10.05) NSW

Hi Eve,
I believe they do only come in the three sizes (well that is all I have ever seen). You can also buy leak proof swimmers in small sizes eg. 00. They are like normal swimmers but are supposed to catch the accidents. I bought some from Target but have also seen them in Kmart and Woolworths and my local swimming pool where we had lessons sold them in their kiosk. Just check with the pool you want him to swim at (if it is lessons) as I found some places wouldn't allow them because they still leaked the wee and they would only allow the [email protected]@ies swimmers.

My babies are all grown up sad

why don't you try the small ones... my DD fitted into those even at only 5kgs (bout 11lb is it??), and they still worked no worries.

Is is for a swimming lesson type thing? or just a swim in the pool, as I don't use them on my son... he is predictable when his bowels are going to be opened (can tell by the look on the face), and usually only once a day anyway... i find little jok bathers are great, still have had no accidents of the solid variety. wees dont hold in the swimmers anyway.

This is the link which I just copied and pasted from this site:

You can get smaller sized reusable cotton type swimming nappies in the kids swim wear section of DJ's (probably other places too). I know Bright Bots has a special swimming nappy....

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

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