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Anyone young and from adelaide?? Lock Rss

I'm 18 and in real need of friends as I moved here this year. Feel free to add me to your msn messenger, [email protected] My daughter is 8 wks old. I'm from Greenacres and lonely sad

HI im not from adelaide my dad lives there so i visit often but i am talking to some one on msn that is from there i will paste her post here

young mums need friends?
Posted: 13-12-2005 06:27 PM
hi..anyone out there want to chat?

I am sarah , mum to Felicity who is 9 months old.We live in SA .

would love to make some new friends so feel free to add me to msn

my msn is
[email protected]

sarah, S.A, mum to felicity jayde

But if you would still like to chat my msn is [email protected]
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