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Just want some ideas about a christening Lock Rss

My baby has just turned 6 months old and i keep on putting off her christening because I have no really close friends to ask as godparents and I really dont want to use a relative because they already have a role in my childs life.

Any suggestions or comments,

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Hi Lydia,

I'm sorry, I don't have much advice I'm afraid! But I do know where you are coming from in one way. I also didn't want relatives as they are already considered aunts and uncles. However maybe in your case, relatives are the best bet as you want to pick people who will always be in your child's life.

The decision for the godparents of my first born was pretty easy but for my new baby that I'm expecting in June, the two people who I want to be it's godparents both live a long way away (one in New York and one in Japan). However these are people who will be in our lives for the rest of our lives so I can trust them to be good godparents.

I'm not sure how practical it is though as we will be baptising this baby in the Catholic church and I think they need the godparents to attend. So now I'm stuck! If anyone has a suggestion, would be grateful to hear it as well.


friends dont always stick around
but family does,
my daughters godparents will be my brother and my partners sister. i dont really have good close friends either. i'm pretty family orientated and i think family is a better option. unless you are going to ask a couple. more like a guardian if anything were too happen to you.

hope this makes sense

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi April's mum.
April is the most important person to you and I believe christening is a great spiritual journey for her. You know who are the most important people in your life are now. Family last forever and so do good true friends. You are not going to gain an everlasting true friendship with new people in time for April's christening. Its ok for family to play twin roles. The godparents for my son is my sister and her husband of 22yrs. I believe they are the right people with the right spiritual values to help my son in life. I have many close friends but believe my family will always put the best interest of my child first.
Good luck with your decision.

Jungle baby

Hi Yvette,

I have friends who have had their child baptised in the Catholic church and one godparent was living in England at the time.She went to the priest, explained the situation and her sister o/s became godparent by proxy.I know you said that both people you want to be godparents are o/s but would you consider having more than two.(My baby is being baptised in a week and will be having three godparents.) That way you would have godparents present at the ceremony but still could have those special friends included.

Good luck,

Kelly, NSW, 6mth baby boy

hey!! we're currently discussing the whole christening issue, but we already have the god-parents chosen!! I think there is nothing wrong choosing family members ... if anything, it will strengthen your bond with them, when they realise the honour you want to bestow upon them:) That's just my opinion:)

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi Kelly,

Thanks heaps for the info - it puts my mind at ease. I'm hoping that our friend who lives mainly in Japan will be in Australia at the time we baptise our new little person so hopefully we will have at least one godparent there!

Thanks so much for the input, it is really appreciated.

Its our tradition(being greek) that your first baby will be christened by the best man/ maid of honour as they are the ones who have blessed your marriage, Neena was christened at 7 months as it is a full dunk under water 3 times completely naked and i wanted her to be able to hold her herself properly but not be walking while the priest baptised her.
Good Luck with your choices!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

for my eldest son we chose one of my hubbys brothers. had 4 to choose from & a girl friend i have known for about 15 years for my 2nd son we had my sister& another one the brothres in law . i had asked a friend but she was ging away thatw weekend so deciled but she was still honored to be asked she is still one of the godmoters evem tho could not attend for no3 had my other sister & another brother in law. we might have to have another bub to use the last brother LOL

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hey Yvette, just letting you know my cousin lives in america and her sister lives here they are a cathlolic family and my cousin in america got her daughter baptised and has her sister who lives her as her god mother and what she did was send the papers in the mail for her sister to sign, so she wasnt actually present at the baptisium, i am giving my daughter a naming day iam not getting her baptised she is 19 mths old and i havent got her done as i just havent had the money to do so, i have a god mother picked out for her but stumped on a god father so i dont think she will be having one, i was baptised at the age of 6 so age doesnt really mater, some people dont get baptised untill they get married as these days to get married in a church you have to be baptised

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

I went to one christening where ther were no "godparents" but every one of us was asked to promise that we would love and support our friends little girl. I thought this was a great idea as we're a really close group of friends.

Just another idea.

tired and feeling old

This topic has caused many fights with my husband and myself.

I have a very, very, very close and involued large family.

My husband on the ohter hand a very very distance large family.

Our problem is that he always wants someone form his family. Which i strongly object to because they have nothing to do with our children, never see them or visit, bascially don't give a damn and my hubby parents are like this too.

But if they happen to on one of those rare ossassions come to visit I am expected to fall all over them and treat them like royalty, when i know for a fact through mutal friends they have bagged and belittled me.

I know that my children have my family and my parents as really they are the only grndparents they know and I really believe it's the only ones they'll ever know.

Getting back to the christening, the decisions lies with someone you trust, believe in to care for your child, the child will grow uo again and admire, basically someone you know will all ways be there for for your child and you.

Tammie, NSW, 2 boys 3yrs & 10mths

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