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single mum wants to have another baby Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I am a 32yr single mum of a beautiful 3 yr old boy and I would dearly love to have a another baby. I don't want my son to grow up to be the only child, I grew up with two sisters and loved every minute of it, and they are now a great support to me. I woud love Will to experience the joy of having siblings as well. I feel like i am running out of time and would like to know if any other single mums are feeling this way.

qld,3yr old boy

Hi Will'smum,

I feel the same way you do. I'm 30 & a single mum of Shanaye who's 13 months. I would love to have more kids but i'm starting to think it won't happen. I really don't think there are anymore good guys left out there sad I've been seriously considering artificial insemination but I don't have my families support on this. They worry I won't cope with more kids on my own but I think I do a good job with Shanaye & there are sooo many single mums out there with 3, 4 or more kids that are doing a great job.
Anyway just letting you know that there are alot of us that feel the same way as you do.
If we are meant to have more babies, then we will be blessed with them. That's my belief smile
If not, well i'm happy with my beautiful little girl.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

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