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{Once again it's just become a battle of who's the best mother doing it the toughest!

"Oh my husband is with the army and he lives overseas 354 days of the year. I work three jobs, don't have a life, don't know what the movies are, look like an old scrag because i never brush my hair. But i don't put my son in daycare. No sir-ee. I am the best mother in the world and don't need any 'me' time!"

Wake up to yourselves. This is the bull**** i am so over.


I dont my any stretch think that I am the best mother in the world, I just organise my "me" time around my son, I brush my hair LOL I hope to god I dont look like and old scrag. Everyone needs thier own time but to put your child in care specifically for the reasons the OP has stated in selfish, her child is 8 months old and does not have the understanding of why she is being left with strangers.

My DF works his ass off so that I can stay home with my son so if I was to put him in care then yes I would be a selfish cow

Her comments as well about there being no waiting lists in Canberra are total CRAP,
I live in Canberaa, one of my close friends has a bub who is 20 months old her husband is very very unwell and not able to work he is also not able to stay home and look after their child in his condition, she needs to go back to work, she can not get a day care place in Canberra so she can return to work,

she had their child in one day a week on the day she was working so she knows the mums that come to the centre and alot of them are stay at home mums who dump their kids in care 4 or 5 days a week just becuase they can, she has tried many many centres but cannot get a place

This is the type of thing that plsses me off no end. Places at a day care centre should not be taken up by someone who is not working and is more than able to take care of their child

Posted by: Stephanea
And good on the OP for wanting some time to feel like a WOMAN!! Instead of everyones rag doll. All the power to you love!

If you all stop to think, obviously this woman isn't wanting to put her child in daycare solely so she can get her nails done or go to the movies. They are EXAMPLES of things she could get done with her 'me' time. Jebus. Get off your high horses.

As for the not beng everyones RAG DOLL and wanting to feel like a woman, if she wanted to go and do these things then maybe she should have thought of that before she had children, being a mum is looking after your children not palming them off to others so you can flit about, I understand that these are the only reasons she has given and we do not know the full story but if she really had other reasons then she would have said them in her replys

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